Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Rathores gets shocked hearing Krisha’s allegations


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 3rd August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha looking after Virendra and gives him medicines after calming him down. She assures him that he is fine and proclaims to protect him. She makes him sleep and runs behind Basanti, who was keeping an eye on Virendra. She catches her and ask her to tell the truth. She states that she met her son but they thinks that she is dead. Krisha threatens Basanti to tell the whole truth, while the latter gets scared and ask Krisha to let her go. Krisha denies to leave her and ask that if she works for Jaya? To which Basanti replies negatively.

Here, Basanti starts narrating her back story to Krisha. She says that she used to work for Virendra and his wife. She says that her whole family was loyal towards the Rathores. She remembers the good times and says that everything was fine until Jaya comes inside the palace.

Basanti tells that Jaya took her place and starts looking for the kids Devraj and Daksh. She also notify that Jaya was cunning and blames her for stealing from the palace. She says that because of Jaya’s ploy, she had to leave the palace. She then decided to clearify the matter with Virendra and came to meet him.

Elsewhere, Basanti recalls that when she visited the palace, she gets shocked seeing Virendra and his wife’s dead ceremony. She states at that time someone made her unconscious and when she opened her eyes, she found Virendra. She says that Jaya was behind all the game plan and asked her to look after Virendra inside the basement.

Basanti tells that Jaya showed her a video where she informed her family that she is dead and told her about giving money to her family, if she will look after Virendra. Basanti said that she didn’t had any other choice and agreed to Jaya’s deal. She then apprises how Jaya used to torture Virendra.

Ahead, Basanti says that Krisha freed Virendra and her from the basement and from then she is hiding from Jaya. She also tells that Jaya never had given money to her family. She insists Krisha to take their revenge from Jaya, while the latter assures Basanti and insists her to help her in exposing Jaya, but the latter gets scared and denies it.

Jaya acts in front of Devraj and says that she was wrong for scolding Krisha, but the latter takes Jaya’s side and states that Krisha was wrong. At that time the latter comes there and starts packing her stuffs, while Jaya taunts her and challenges to throw her out of the palace. Krisha prays to god for help, while she gets a message from Basanti and goes to meet her.

Further, Basanti agrees to help Krisha and gives her a video. Whereas, Krisha helps Basanti to hide from Jaya and keeps her safe. She then accuses Jaya in front of everyone and exposes her. Vamika whispers to Jaya that their plan is about to get ruined, while the latter stays silent. Krisha starts a video as a proof against Jaya, while everyone looks towards it.

The episode ends.

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