Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 4th May 2022 Written Update: Jaya scolds Krisha for accusing Vamika


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 4th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha searching for Devraj and becomes worried for him. She prays to God and reaches a house. Meanwhile, Vamika sees Krisha through the window and gets an evil plan. She gets close to an unconscious Devraj and sleeps along with him. Whereas, Krisha gets inside the house and becomes shocked seeing Vamika and Devraj’s state. She gets furious at Vamika and pours water on her. Vamika gets angry and wakes up to confront Krisha. She then acts to be innocent in front of her and says that it was all a mistake. She ask her not to blame Devraj.

Here, Vamika states that Devraj was just helping her. Krisha looks at Dev and gets teary eyes. She glares at Vamika and ask her to stay away from him. She says that she knows Vamika is trying to create problems in between them and declares that she won’t let her get successful in her ploy.

Krisha proclaims that she trusts her husband more then anything and goes near Devraj. Whereas, Vamika gets disappointed as her plan fails. Krisha tries to wake Devraj but finds him unconscious. She gets worried for him and scolds Vamika for harming him.

Elsewhere, Krisha sees the spiked drink which Vamika has given to Devraj and smells it. She finds out about Vamika’s ploy and rebukes her for stooping so low. She then carries Devraj and takes her out along with her. She makes him sit on her scooty and goes him along with herself. Whereas, Vamika questions that how she will reach the palace?

Krisha tells Vamika to find her way back to home and warns her to stay away from Devraj. Meanwhile, Rathores gets worried for Vamika and Dev. At that time Krisha comes there along with him and they gets tensed seeing his condition. Jaya gets shocked and keeps waiting for Vamika, whereas Meenakshi also gets worried for her.

Ahead, Krisha gives remedy to Devraj and notify the family about the truth. They all gets shocked, while Vamika also comes there. She acts to be innocent and says that they got drenched and that’s why Dev got unconscious. Jaya also supports Vamika and shows that Dev had taken a medicine in the morning. Jaya scolds Krisha for blaming Vamika.

Jaya remembers how Vamika informed her about the mess, while latter ask Vamika to follow her plan. Meenakshi also scolds Krisha and shows her support towards Vamika. At that time Devraj also comes there and denies to believe Krisha. He tries to explain her that Vamika is innocent, while the latter starts her emotional drama.

Further, Vamika reminds Devraj about his promise towards her father and tries to get him in her side. He ask Krisha not to accuse Vamika, whereas the latter hugs Aarav and shows that she have already accepted him as her husband. Krisha insists everyone to believe her but no one shows their trust on her. Whereas, Jaya shouts at Krisha and tells that Vamika has done a lot for their family.

The episode ends.

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