Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 5th July 2022 Written Update: Jaya tries to hide a secret from Rathores


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 5th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Ugra insisting Rathores to believe her. She says that she haven’t done anything to hurt Krisha and declares that she just wanted to help her. She tells that Krisha was possessed by an evil power that was troubling all. Ugra clearifies all the allegations and begs them to believe her. She states that her intentions were pure and requests Devraj to trust her. Whereas, Jaya gets furious at her and tells that she have done so many mistakes. She ask Devraj not to forgive Ugra and accuses that she have blamed Vamika for everything.

Here, Vamika acts to be innocent and tells Devraj that she has already realised her mistake and since then haven’t done anything wrong. Jaya orders to punish Ugra and tells Devraj to handover her to the police. Ugra gets shocked and begs them to forgive her. She insists Devraj and Jaya to give her one more chance.

Jaya questions that how Ugra managed to take Krisha to the tantrik, while the latter tells that she found Krisha being unconscious and took the oppertunity to take her to the Tantrik in order to help her to get relieved from the ghost. Jaya ask that who have helped Ugra? To which the latter tells that she has done it all alone.

Elsewhere, Devraj denies to believe Ugra and ask her to tell the truth. Vamika comes forward and shows a video of Raghav, where he helped his mother to hide the evidence. Vamika and Jaya smirks as their plan gets successful. Devraj gets furious at Raghav and starts beating him.

Devraj handovers Raghav to the police and ask them to arrest him. Raghav begs for mercy and says that he haven’t done anything. He says that he doesn’t know about anything, while no one believes him. At last Raghav accepts the crimes which he haven’t done and insists Krisha to forgive him. He holds her legs and ask for one more chance.

Ahead, Krisha feels bad for Raghav and decides to give him a chance. She forgives him, while Ugra and Naina scolds him for accepting all the crimes. He tells that he didn’t had any other option, while they all determines to find about the real culprit.

Jaya and Vamika laughs remembering the way they trapped Raghav. They enjoys their victory and celebrates. Jaya worries about her secret and tells that she have to remove Devraj and Krisha from the room in order to prevent it. Whereas, Krisha and Devraj gets close to one another. They expresses their love, while Devraj tells that he will shift back to their previous room. He gets determined to go back, while Krisha tries to convince him to stay in the same room.

Further, Jaya hears their conversation hiding behind the door. Krisha finally agrees and tells that she will never ever comes in between Jaya and Devraj’s bond. At that time Devraj goes to meet Jaya, while she determines to keep him in her control. Whereas, Krisha hears someone’s voice inside the washroom and gets scared. She calls Devraj and Jaya and tells that someone was calling for help. Jaya gets worried about her secret and thinks about doing something to keep Krisha away from it.

The episode ends.

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