Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 6th June 2022 Written Update: Krisha finds out about Vamika’s fake pregnancy


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 6th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha taking a bath and thinks about her moments with Devraj. She remembers his words that her memories will always be with him, whereas she also gets flashes of how Vamika and Devraj got engaged. She feels pain and becomes sad thinking about it, meanwhile she recalls how Vamika denied to do her baby’s checkup after the attack and gets suspicious about her. Whereas, detective Sudhakar clicks picture of the photo he got from the old man Gopal and sends it to Krisha. He sends a voice note stating that Jaya is the mother of Vamika and ask her to be aware, but due to network issue the message couldn’t able to get send.

Here, Sudhakar tries to call Krisha but she didn’t picked the phone. He gets tensed, while at that time some goons comes there and attacked him. They hits his head with the road and he falls down being unconscious. They calls Jaya and notify about the matter.

The goons assures Jaya that they get successful in handling the situation, while she ask them to bring the detective’s phone to her and ask them to kill him and Gopal. She promises to pay them well, if they keeps following her order and keeps the secret hidden from everyone.

Elsewhere, Krisha comes out of the washroom and gets happy seeing Sudhakar’s call. She thinks that he got some information and tries to call him back but his phone was switched off. She gets confused and then goes out of the room. Meanwhile, Meenakshi and Gajvardhan meets Jaya and notify that they are suspicious on Raghav for attacking Vamika.

Jaya denies to believe them and assures that she will increase the security of Vamika. As they left, Jaya determines to find about the real culprit and decides to punish them mercilessly. Whereas, Vamika joins Rathores in the breakfast table, while Devraj shows his concern towards her. Krisha gets suspicious seeing him acting normal even after the attack.

Ahead, Devraj shows his gratitude towards Krisha and Rati for helping Vamika. Meanwhile, Vamika prepares for her sangeet ceremony and dances with Devraj, while he imagines Krisha and happily dances with her, but then realises the truth and gets away from Vamika. Meanwhile, Krisha shares her suspicion with Rati and both plans to expose Vamika.

Vamika dances along with Rathores and enjoys herself, whereas Ugra shows extra care towards Vamika in order to get out of Jaya’s suspicion. Meanwhile, Krisha feels sad seeing the preparations of Vamika and Devraj’s wedding. Later, Devraj comes down to start his haldi ceremony. Everyone applies haldi on him, including Krisha. They shares a painful eyelock. Vamika also comes down and reminds Krisha about her promise. She taunts the latter, while Krisha gives a befitting reply.

Further, Nisha comes there and Krisha introduces her as her childhood friend. Jaya looks at her, while Krisha takes Nisha along with her. Vamika dances with Rathores and enjoys her haldi, while Nisha observes her and tells Krisha that she isn’t pregnant. They decides to do blood test of Vamika to expose her fake pregnancy, while Nisha gives medicine to Krisha and ask her to give it to Vamika, so that she will fall unconscious and they can take her blood sample. Krisha goes downstairs, while the haldi falls on her. She was about to slip, when Devraj saves her and both gets into an eyelock.

The episode ends.

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