Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 7th July 2022 Written Update: Rathores gets shocked by Devraj’s decision


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 7th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Vamika injecting Virendra with drugs and notify Jaya that he won’t be able to speak afterwards. Jaya smirks and appreciates Vamika for her help and gets inside the room, where they have kept Virendra imprisoned. She smirks seeing the state of Virendra and enjoys to torture him. She takes the food and forward towards him, he was about to eat it when she snatches it away and laughs seeing him suffering. Vamika joins her and they both discuss about their future plans. Jaya states that soon she will let Devraj meet his father Virendra and proclaims that it will be the last day for both of them.

Here, Vamika reveals that she and Jaya had planned all the paranormal drama, in order to keep Krisha away from the room. The latter proclaims that soon their revenge will get successful. Jaya tells that Devraj will sign all the property to party fund and she will take it from there. She reminds Vamika about the pain they have been through and declares that everything will get fine.

Vamika agrees to her mother Jaya and plans about killing Virendra. Jaya says that Devraj and Virendra will die together, while the latter ask her mother to add Krisha’s name also to the list. Jaya laughs and appreciates Vamika’s suggestion. She declares that she is becoming same like her and agrees to kill Krisha also.

Elsewhere, Krisha sits along with Devraj and talks about their life. He questions that if she is upset because of his decision to donate all the property? To which she denies and assures that she always support his decisions. She appreciates his thinking and proclaims that she is lucky to have him. They both enjoys their moments and shows their affection for one another.

Krisha gets close to Devraj but gets shocked seeing blood coming out of his shoulders. He falls upon her being wounded, while she screams his name and wakes up from her nightmare. She gets worried for Devraj, while he tells her that she was dreaming. She shows her concern towards him and ask him to stay with her.

Ahead, Krisha insists Devraj to delay the finding procedure but he tells that it is really important. She shows her worry towards him and says that she isn’t feeling right. She requests him, while he agrees to her and talks to Jaya regarding it. The latter gets shocked as well as furious after hearing it and declares that they can’t delay it.

Jaya scolds Krisha and talks to her rudely, while the latter clearifies her intentions. She somehow convinces Devraj not to delay the procedure and thinks that she can’t wait to fulfill her revenge. Whereas, Krisha gives a blessing of God to Devraj and prays for his well-being. Jaya acts to be emotional in front of Devraj, remembering his father Virendra while he determines to fulfill his father’s dream.

Further, Raghav and Gajvardhan gets frustrated with Devraj’s decision and ask one another to do something to stop him. Whereas, Krisha hears some sounds inside her washroom and starts panicking. Virendra keeps hitting his head, which produces sound in Krisha’s washroom. She gathers courage and moves inside the secret pathway to get inside the room where Virendra was kept captive. Virendra sees her, while she looks around to find something.

The episode ends.

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