Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 8th June 2022 Written Update: Krisha plans to do Vamika’s sonography


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 8th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha and Rati trying to sneak out of Devraj’s room with the blood sample of Vamika, but at that time Devraj comes there and confronts them. They gets shocked seeing him and looks at each other to make some excuse. Devraj questions them about the reason for their visit inside his room, while Krisha handles the situation and lies to Devraj that she came to take the blanket. She goes towards the bed and picks the blanket, whereas she also hides the blood sample along with it and takes it with her. Meanwhile, Rati follows her and both gets relieved for not being caught.

Here, Devraj goes inside his room and practices dance performance for his sangeet ceremony. He doesn’t show any interest, while the choreographer ask him to concentrate. He looses his interest, but then imagines Krisha there and starts dancing with her. He gets happy and dances perfectly, while th choreographer praises him.

Devraj comes out of his imagination and realises that Krisha isn’t there. He switches off his laptop and gets into a deep thinking. Whereas, he imagines his inner self, who insists him to realise his mistake if marrying Vamika and advice him to follow his heart. It proclaims Devraj to stop his marriage with Vamika and accept Krisha back, but the latter screams in pain and says that he can’t betray his kingdom and people.

Elsewhere, Devraj declares that he will have to marry Vamika in order to fulfill his responsibilities. Meanwhile, he sees a picture of himself and Krisha and keeps it inside the locker to avoid seeing it. Whereas, Krisha comes there and confronts him. She shows him one more picture of them and ask to hide it also in order to avoid her presence. He stays quiet while she leaves from his room.

Jaya takes Vamika towards her room and gets suspicious seeing her condition. Whereas, Vamika avoids it and ask Jaya to concentrate on their mission. At that time Raghav comes there and Rati gets shocked seeing his condition. Rati tries to help him but he pushes her away. Jaya and Vamika smirks and enjoys seeing him punished.

Ahead, Ugra questions Raghav about his condition while he lies to them and goes inside his room. Meanwhile, Vamika goes to get ready, while Dr. Nisha informs Krisha that Vamika isn’t pregnant. She also says that they have to do sonography test in order to prove it fully, while the latter ask Nisha to bring the machine inside the palace and ask her to be ready to do the test.

Krisha shares her plan with Rati, while the latter gets worried that if their plan will get successful or not. Krisha determines to expose Vamika in front of the whole family. Whereas, Jaya calls Vamika and informs her about Nisha being a doctor and tells that she is bringing sonography machine inside the palace. Vamika gets shocked and decides to leave from there.

Further, Rati sees a nightmare, whereas Krisha brings all the members to the hall and accuses Vamika for lying to them about her pregnancy. But when Nisha checks Vamika, she declares that the latter is pregnant. Krisha gets shocked, while Devraj throws her out of the palace along with Rati. The latter and wakes up and shares her worry with Krisha, while she says that she won’t involve Rati in her plan as it can cause her problem, but Rati stays determined to help Krisha.

The episode ends.

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