Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 9th June 2022 Written Update: Krisha escapes from the room


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 9th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha praying in front of God’s idol and determines to bring Vamika’s truth out. She ask for God’s help in exposing Vamika and declares that she can’t let her get successful in marrying Devraj. Whereas, Vamika sees her and makes a plan. She proclaims to trap Krisha in her ploy and states that she won’t let the latter spoil her Sangeet ceremony. She bribes a servant and takes her help. She tells her plan to the servant and ask her to bring Krisha towards the isolated area of the palace.

Here, the servant goes towards Krisha and lies that Devraj has sended her. She praises Krisha stating that she is more beautiful then what Devraj has described. Krisha gets happy thinking that Devraj talks about her and ask if it’s true? To which the latter nods positively and tells that she have to come with her in order to meet Devraj.

Krisha follows the servant without thinking anything, while the latter takes her towards the isolated area. Krisha gets suspicious and questions that why will Devraj ask her to come there? The servant ask Krisha to believe her and sends her inside the room, but Krisha denies to go there. The latter tries to call Devraj but the network wasn’t available.

Elsewhere, Vamika comes in front of Krisha making her shocked. Vamika proclaims to keep Krisha out of her sangeet ceremony and declares that she will marry Devraj and Krisha won’t be able to do anything. Krisha tries to leave from there but Vamika and the servant holds her tightly and forces her inside the room.

Krisha couldn’t able to fight against both of them and they manages to send her inside the room and locks it. Krisha shouts for help, while Vamika smirks and goes to enjoy her ceremony. Krisha gets worried and thinks about her plan to expose Vamika. Whereas, Rati also gets tensed as she couldn’t able to find Krisha. She also tries to call the latter but gets unsuccessful.

Ahead, Doctor Nisha meets Rati and ask about Krisha. She worries that how they will perform sonography without Krisha? To which the latter assures that Krisha will surely come back. Meanwhile, Ugra and Nina performs in Vamika’s sangeet ceremony and everyone enjoys the performance.

Raghav warns Ugra and Naina that Vamika will rule over them, if she gets married to Devraj. Whereas, Meenakshi remembers Aarav and cries missing him. Meanwhile, Devraj and Vamika also comes on stage to dance. He looks for Krisha, while Jaya ask him to concentrate on Vamika. The latter declares that Krisha has left the palace, while Devraj denies to believe it.

Further, Vamika dances along with Devraj while he controls his frustration. At that time Krisha comes there shocking Vamika. Krisha remembers how she asked God for help and finds a way to come out of the room. She gives a warning to Vamika, while the latter says that she won’t be able to do anything. Krisha thinks about her plan and prays that it gets successful. She determines to expose Vamika in front of everyone.

The episode ends.

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