Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 9th March 2022 Written Update: Devraj decides to take Daksh’s help


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 9th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Daksh locking Krisha inside the soundproof room. He lies to Devraj about her stating that she is in the garden. Whereas, Krisha keeps shouting for help and then tries to break the door, but gets unsuccessful. She becomes worried. Daksh smirks as his plan gets accomplished and then goes towards the soundproof room. He opens the door and let Krisha comes out. She scolds him and rebukes for being evil. He smirks and says that it is just the beginning of his plan. He proclaims to teach a lesson to Krisha, while she says that he will always fail in his ploy.

Here, Krisha says that Devraj won’t leave Daksh when he will learn about his true face. She states that soon Daksh’s truth will be exposed and then no one could be able to save him. Whereas, Daksh laughs stating that Devraj won’t believe her and tells that he will always keep an eye on them.

Daksh tells about going to his secret room from where he will keep monitoring all the moments of Krisha and Devraj. She gets shocked and ask that about which room he is talking about? To which he laughs and says that she will soon find out about it.

Elsewhere, Daksh threatens Krisha stating that he will not leave Devraj. He proclaims to take his revenge from his brother, while she replies that she will always protect her husband. He says that soon they will get separated and challenges her to make them apart. Krisha declares that Daksh won’t be able to do that because she won’t let any differences to come in between her and Devraj.

Daksh warns Krisha and goes away, leaving her worried. Whereas, Devraj imagines Krisha and gets mesmerized by her. He gets close to her while she disappears. At that time he sees his photo with just a towel on social media and gets furious. He goes inside the palace to confront the one who posted it.

Ahead, Daksh smirks seeing the news of Devraj’s picture being a meme material. He tries to log in inside Krisha’s account in order to see the picture, as he thinks that his plan to post the picture from her account gets successful. But, at that time Devraj comes there and starts scolding Daksh. He confronts him for posting the picture from his account, while latter gets shocked. He looks at Krisha and realises that his plan got backfired. He Apologizes to Devraj, while Krisha takes stand for Daksh and takes his phone to delete the picture.

Daksh glares at Krisha and goes away, while Devraj gets angry and feels embarrassed. Krisha tries to console him and cheers him up. She ask him to see the positive side and says that the girls are drooling over his physique. He smiles seeing her cute angry face and gets close to her. He tells her that there is some surprise for her and ask her to come on the backyard.

Further, Daksh plans to go far away from Ambikapur and plans to separate Krisha and Devraj before that. Whereas, Devraj again imagines Krisha and shows her the surprise he have planned for her. He takes out the ring and decides to propose her after confessing his feelings for her. He gets excited and decides to take Daksh’s help in planning it properly.

The end.

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