Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 13th January 2022 Written Update: Devraj gets suspicious about Krisha


Tere Bina Jiya Na 13th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha applying haldi to Devraj as the ritual. They gets close to one another. At that time Krisha gives her first gift to Devraj. He opens it to see the perfume and remembers his moment with Maya, where she had gifted the same perfume to him. Krisha ask if Devraj likes the perfume? To which he stares at her, while she thinks about uniting him with Maya. She determines to bring out Maya and expose Devraj’s plan in front of everyone.

Here, Aarav gets inside Jaya’s room and tries to find the keys to the secret room. He somehow gets it inside the drawer and leave it open so that Jaya can realise that key is missing. He remembers Krisha’s plan to expose Maya and Devraj along with troubling them.

Jaya enters her room and gets shocked on not finding the keys. He goes to Devraj and says tht he wants to talk to him personally. Krisha leaves them to have their conversation, and hides behind to hear them. Jaya panics and notify about the missing keys. Devraj also gets worried thinking about the mysterious women. Jaya assures him that she will do something and ask him to complete his rituals with Krisha.

Elsewhere, Krisha smirks seeing her plan working. She goes inside and ask Devraj to come with her as she have to give him a bath. She was about to go, when he pulls her back and makes her fall upon his arms. “Mai Aur Tum Agar Hum Hojate” song plays while he states that she is behaving differently, whereas she thinks about leaving him after uniting with Maya.

Krisha pours water on Devraj and cleans him, while he keeps staring at her. They both shares an eyelock, when Aarav comes there. He apologises for ruining their private moment. Later, Krisha comes to him and talks about their plan. He says that he have stolen the keys and then states that she and Devraj looks great together. She avoids his compliment and ask to execute the second phase of their plan.

Ahead, Jaya notify Devraj that she couldn’t able to find the keys and becomes worried. Meanwhile, Aarav throws keys towards Krisha but it slips down inside the table. Jaya and Devraj hears the sound and Jaya goes to check it. Aarav leaves from there, while Krisha bends to pick the keys. At that time Jaya comes there and confronts Krisha, making her scared.

Krisha stammers and says that nothing happened. Jaya gets suspicious and bends to looks inside the table, but at that time Aarav comes there and lies to Jaya that someone is calling her. He saves Krisha as Jaya goes along with him. Krisha immediately picks the keys and thinks about her next move.

Further, Krisha ties pagri on Devraj’s head “Laal Ishq” song plays. She then gives his second gift, a red handkerchief with Maya’s name written on it. He remembers exact moment with Maya and gets mad at Krisha. He says that he is getting suspicious on her after seeing her actions, while she reminds him about his words that he asked her to transform into Maya by leaving her identity. She says that she won’t go anywhere without giving his Maya.

The end.

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