Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 14th January 2022 Written Update: Jaya and Devraj try to find the key


Tere Bina Jiya Na 14th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj getting downstairs to perform the Puja on his birthday. Krisha and Rati walks along with him. At that time Krisha questions Rati about Aarav, to which latter replies that he is doing the work she have assigned for him and states that she will also go to complete her part of work. She leaves from there after signalling Krisha, while latter nods. Devraj questions Jaya about the keys, to which she says that she haven’t found it but thinks that Roma must have it. She says that she will call Roma and ask about it. She ask him to stay calm and perform the hawan, he agrees to her and sits along with Krisha to perform the Puja.

Here, Krisha determines to bring the truth about Devraj and Maya. She gets teary eyes thinking about getting separated with Devraj, but then handles herself in order to expose him. Devraj performs the Puja, while Jaya keeps trying to contact Roma but couldn’t able to do it. She notify Devraj about it, while Aarav also comes there and apprises Krisha about the matter. He says that Jaya won’t be able to contact Roma as she isn’t in the palace and states that they can never able to find out that the keys are with them.

Jaya again goes to find Roma, whereas Rati disguises herself as the mysterious women and walks upstairs. Devraj sees her and gets shocked, he thinks that Roma couldn’t able to handle her and gets up to go there. But, Aarav stops him and calls several people to give gifts to him. Devraj fakes a smile and stays there, meanwhile Krisha rushes upstairs to go inside the secret room.

Elsewhere, Krisha sees that no one was there and gets inside the secret door through the book shelves. She gets in front of the secret door and tries the keys to open it. Meanwhile, Jaya also sees Rati dressed as mysterious women and gets dumbstruck. She goes towards Devraj while both shares a look.

Devraj somehow manages to go upstairs and tries to find her. Jaya also comes there while Devraj remembers Krisha being missing from her place. He ask Jaya that if it is possible that Krisha got to know about the truth? He gets suspicious on Krisha and remembers all the incidences where she talked about Maya and leaving him.

Ahead, Rati’s health deteriorates and her head starts spinning. She feels dizzy but somehow holds herself from falling. Devraj sees her and gets stunned learning that it was Rati disguised as the mysterious women. He remembers Krisha talking with Rati and concludes that she was helping Krisha in her plan.

Krisha gets successful in opening the secret door and gets inside the room. She sees the pictures of Maya all around, while suddenly someone pushes her and runs out of the room wearing the dupatta. She shouts at the person to stop and follows, whereas Devraj hears her voice and gets worried.

Further, the mysterious person pushes everyone and runs outside. Krisha runs behind the person, followed by the other house members. The person falls into the mud, while everyone gathers around him. Krisha says that she will expose them and starts splashing water. The person gets up, while everyone becomes shocked seeing him.

The end.

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