Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 6th January 2022 Written Update: Krisha learns about Rati’s pregnancy


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Episode starts with Krisha happily singing bhajan in front of God’s idol and prays for her family. At that time Meenakshi comes there along with Naina. Meenakshi taunts Krisha for her middle class habits and then says that she also used to sing when she was young. Naina makes fun of Meenakshi’s voice, while Krisha questions that if they also heard someone singing last night? To which Meenakshi replies positively and thinks that who can it be. Meanwhile, Naina was about to tell that Maya used to sing but Jaya comes there and stops her.

Here, Jaya appreciates Krisha while she sees Devraj. He takes her aside and ask that if she heard someone singing? To which she replies positively. He tells that she must be hallucinating. He also tells her to stop doing her old habits like singing aarti, while she gets sad. He leaves from there, whereas she thinks that he is hiding something from her.

Krisha sees Jaya eating breakfast and ask about Rati. Jaya says that she is not well and wants to eat her breakfast inside the room. Krisha says that she will check on Rati, while Jaya stops her. Krisha tells that she really wanted to be with Rati as she needs someone. She takes food for Rati and starts going upstairs.

Elsewhere, Aarav stops Krisha and gives a pot stating that it have Rati’s favourite food. Krisha sees phone inside it and starts going upstairs. Meanwhile, Devraj stops her, making her afraid. He tells that she forgot to take spoon, while Aarav comes and gives it to Krisha saving her. She thanks him and goes away.

Krisha takes out the phone and hides it. Aarav comes there and ask that why is she doing it? He states that she is planning to leave them. He requests not to go away, while she stays silent. She then shows her gratitude towards Aarav for helping her. Meanwhile, Devraj comes there and Aarav goes away from there.

Ahead, Aarav gets doubtful at Krisha but she gets sucessful in saving herself. She goes inside Rati’s room but couldn’t find her. She sees Roma going inside the secret room and thinks that who stays inside? At that time Rati comes there and Krisha goes towards her. Krisha accidentally sees Rati’s pregnancy report and gets happy.

Krisha confronts Rati, but latter ask her to stay silent. Krisha gets worried about Rati’s health, while she says that it’s common during pregnancy. Meanwhile, Devraj gets notification of Krisha’s whereabouts and thinks that what is she doing that side of the house? He gets busy in his meeting avoid the message. Meanwhile, Rati requests Krisha to forgive Raghav and ask tk keep her pregnancy secret. Krisha agrees stating that she will forgive Raghav for Rati’s sake.

Further, Krisha sees Ugra giving juice to Rati and gets suspicious seeing her changed behaviour. She goes inside her room, while Devraj gets furious seeing his office partners checking Krisha out and goes away from there. Meanwhile, Krisha checks the palace photographs and tries to find the secret room. At that time Devraj comes there and she trips upon him “Moh Moh Ke Dhage” song plays. He notices the pictures and questions Krisha about it.

The end.

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