Tere Bina Jiya Na 18th January 2022 Written Update: Devraj tells Krisha about Daksh’s past


Tere Bina Jiya Na 18th January 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Devraj telling Krisha about the accident in which Maya died and Daksh gets traumatised. He gets flashes of Darsh’s condition where he keeps blaming himself for Maya’s death. Devraj notify Krisha that the police was pressurising to get Daksh’s statement and he wasn’t in a state to talk to anyone. He tells that he tried his best to make the police understand, but they didn’t co-operated. Krisha cries learning about the truth and remember all the plan Devraj conducted to win her trust.

Here, Devraj says that he decided to fake Daksh’s death to save him. He continues that they have kept him hidden, thinking that they will bring him out when he will recover. Krisha questions that if he got fine? To which Devraj replies negatively. He told that his brother’s state health deteriorating.

Devraj apprises Krisha that Roma have seen her and planned to bring her to recover Daksh. Krisha smiles sarcastically and remembers all the moments with Devraj. She ask that why he didn’t told her about the matter. She reminds that she loved him and could have easily done anything for him. She cries being hurt, while he also feels pain.

Elsewhere, Devraj tries to make her understand that he have done everything for his brother. Krisha still gets mad at him and remember about all his ploys. She gets flashes of how he treated her and scolds him. Meanwhile, Jaya also explains all the family members about why they have hidden Daksh from everyone.

Krisha leaves the room being irked by Devraj. He follows her accepting his mistakes, while she ask why he have involved her family into it. She tells him how she got hurt, when he used her family. At that time Jaya comes there and tries to explain Krisha. She tells that it was her plan to bring Krisha and get her married to Devraj, so that she won’t be able to back off.

Ahead, Jaya also tells that she thought she could have lure Krisha with the money and palace, but she was Wrong. She cries and apologises to Krisha. Meanwhile, Devraj holds her. He sends her away stating that he have something to talk to Krisha. He looks at Krisha and remembers her confessing her love to him during her sleep. He feels bad for hurting her and says that there is only one last thing which he wants from her.

Jaya tells about their decision to the family about convincing Krisha to pretend to be Maya in order to heal Daksh. Ugra and Gajvardhan mocks her, while Rati takes stand for Krisha. Ugra points out Devraj and Jaya’s mistake, for hiding Daksh. Jaya takes a stand for their decision and told that they have done it for Daksh’s life.

Further, Meenakshi sees the ruby ring in Daksh’s finger. She gets greedy and tries to steal it when he was unconscious. She tries to open his fist but couldn’t able to get the ring. Meanwhile, Devraj takes Krisha to the somewhere. She gets confused seeing a car standing in front of them and questions Devraj about it, to which he replies that she is free. She gets shocked hearing him and both looks at each other.

The end.

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