Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th March 2023 Written Update: Anand is killed Samir for some past revenge.


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Episode starts with Veer, who is shooted by Anand, another new werewolf in the town. He threats Veer that he will kill him until knowing some answers of few questions. Anand was following Veer and Armaan for some mysterious reason. As they had some old revengeful incident, they again start their word fighting each other. Anand asks Veer how would he take entry in the home of Malini. He doesn’t even understand the characteristics of werewolves being a werewolf. Anand had killed some bodies and hided them in the room of Armaan.
Isha is asked by Mahir about her break up in front of Armaan. Isha accepts that they’ve broken up in their relationship. Anand even looks confused regarding his old love, he wants to enter in the life of Malini. Veer explains that werewolves used to have high emotional value. But Anand is reluctant to enter in the room of Malini. Anand makes him wounded and leaves. Here, Isha asks Armaan why is he here. They discuss about their future plan and carrier. Isha doesn’t want to bother anymore about Armaan.

When, Isha and Armaan talking with each other, Malini informs them Anand has reached there. Then Anand also comes here. In the aside, Anand asks Aarman why is he failing to enter in the house of Malini. Actually, Armaan and Isha went to the grandma of Mahek and brought up a suraksha kabaj for Malini. That’s why he can’t enter in the house of Malini. Listening some features of Anand, Isha realises that he is a werewolf. Malini is forbidden to meet Anand forever. Here, Armaan is asked to kill Anand for his destructive nature. Anand meets Maya and blames her for myrtyr, but Maya doesn’t look guilt. Maya is threatened by Anand. In the midst of the way, Cherry meets Anand, and she is tried to impress by Anand. Later, she is wounded by Anand. Anand when blackmails Maya regarding her daughter, Armaan saves Cherry. Ahead, Veer starts fighting with Anand, they mock each other. Anand reveals that he knows the mysterious place of Kavya where she lives. Veer catches the opportunity and hides Anand from Maya. Here, Isha and Armaan doesn’t want to show their emotion. Isha asks Armaan to drop her. In the car, Isha apoligies for her rough behaviour. Isha says she wants to be writer, as she is expressive, she opens her heart to Arman and also recalls her mother.
Here, Mahir can’t control his rage towards Laksh.

Isha expresses her deep wound when she lost her mother, now she can’t lose anyone any of her dear one. But Armaan says he wants to keep her safe that’s why he is leaving her. But when Armaan about to leave her, Isha comes close to Armaan and loudly says she loves him from the core of her heart. Armaan stands speechless and comes more closer to Isha. He takes in Isha in his lap, and takes her in the room. They start cuddle each other and make love. Armaan kisses in her neck and losts in her eyes. Here, Anand and Samir stand face to face. Samir asks Anand to leave Malini but he showcases his false pride. When Anand proceeds to kill Anand with a knife, then he himself is killed by Samir, the teacher of Cherry’s college. Laksh tells Mahir that he does love Cherry and Mahir nods his head. Isha comes in the room of Armaan, after making some love, Isha notices a photograph of Armaan in his absence. Seeing the resembles of Kavya with herself, she gets surprised and becomes emotional. Isha leaves the place asap and doesn’t receive the call Armaan. When she drives the car madly, Isha mets an accident.

When Isha mets an accident, Veer reaches there and saves her. But when Isha loses her sense, she is taken by Veer. She is taken to Dehradun by Veer but Isha comes down from the car. Veer is asked to leave her in her place, Veer makes fun of her. Isha asks veer whether she is safe with him. Here, Samir reminds his memory with his wife.
Episode ends.

Precap: In the party, Anand doesn’t find Isha anywhere, he gives a bangle to Mahek to find out Isha.

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