Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 15th March 2023 Written Update: Malini tells the adoptation history of Isha


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Episode starts the revelation of Isha about her last history. Armaan tells her the minute details with all her questions. Isha aaja Armaan how did he become so sure about this fact, then Armaan tells her the logic.
There no record of her pregnancies.

Armaan directly says, there is no reason regarding with that resemblance, infact Armaan clearly confesses that he tremendously loves Isha and hugs her tightly. They both look emotional but satisfied. When Isha returns, she is rebuked by Malini, as she didn’t inform Malini. Then being emotional,

Malini is asked about her adoptation history, Isha gets hurt to learn that this fact was absolute true. When Malini tries to comfort her, she doesn’t want to hear Malini and leaves. Here, in a coffee shop, Samir notices Veer having his drinking. Then he remembers, how brutally Veer killed his wife.

Here, Isha is asked about her accident. Isha says she is noticed someone unknown. But Isha is also gifted some Shyamtulsi and alarmed by Armaan to be careful. When, in the midst night, Vihaan opens the door to receive a food order, when a werewolf takes entry in their house.

Veer is asked by Armaan whether he has planned something about Isha. Armaan pokes the regarding the love of Isha. They both start their word fighting. Samir appreciates the work of Vihaan, he also gets a good marks for such exclusive research.

When Samir asks Vihaan from where did he get those information and news. Then Vihaan says about their family history and also gives him a family journal, which is very informative and interesting. Here, Isha, Mahek and Cherry talk each other about their liking and disliking.

Cherry expresses her love and affectionate love for Laksh. She wants a serious relationship with Laksh. Isha also expresses her adoration history to Mahek and about the werewolves. Mahek alerts her but encourages for the relationship.

Veer comes to Mahek, when he threats Mahek, she doesn’t spare him. After leaving, she meets an another guy. Isha is called by a unknown man sand threats about the accident as he was the victim of the accident. Isha gets afraid, hearing the threatening. She leaves the place fast.
Meanwhile, Mahir searches for a job.

Armaan is opened up the heart of Isha. Armaan gifts a compass to Isha which will indicate the location of werewolf. When Isha doubts the fact, Armaan is described all the action reaction of the compass. She is also asked to keep that compass secretly.

Cherry and Laksh discuss about the plan about the party in the evening. Laksh doesn’t seem interested in that. Vihaan is appreciated also by Jahana. When Jahana wishes to come closer to vihaan, he didn’t show any interest. Here, Isha again asks about Malini how she was adopted and how she came in that family.

Malini describes how her parents resqued her when her own parent departed her. The name of Isha’s mother was Sudha. How being a doctor, Isha was affectionately accepted by her mother and father. Meanwhile, again Veer and Armaan start word fighting. When Veer wishes to free all the werewolves, Armaan doesn’t.

Here, when Isha gets ready for the party, shr feels something odd in her surrounding but no one answers. Her compass detects that there is a werewolf. She calls Armaan but the call is received by Veer. She is suddenly attacked another werewolf, but then suddenly Armaan arrives there. Isha hugs Armaan in fear.

Veer and Armaan ask Isha about the attacking of that werewolf. They look tensed and disturbed about these werewolves. They doubt there are many. Veer says they’ve to have be very serious and conscious about the surrounding. Veer gives them a plan to identify the werewolf when Armaan worries about Isha.
Episode ends.

Precap: how Veer was betrayed by Kavya and what is the mystery of that cave. The history of thousand years will be open up.

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