Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 1st March 2023 Written Update: Veer comes to know a secret about the council members


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Sarah expresses she feels a tremendous crave for human blood. She goes to washroom. Isha doubts whether this process will work out for Sarah. Armaan goes to collect more blood of animal for Sarah. When Sarah calls Vihaan, she is forbidden by Isha as she might harm Vihaan. Sarah doesn’t listen her. When Isha emphatically says that she shouldn’t meet Vihaan. Sarah holds the throat of Isha and threats her if she would resist her, she will not spare her. Later, Isha expresses
Armaan tells that Sarah is facing a super transformation in her body, so she is behaving odd.

When Isha asks Armaan how many she need to control herself, Armaan answers her that there is no particular rules and norms. Armaan asks Isha to keep her eye on Sarah, as she might attack Vihaan. Isha wants to go home in spite of requesting of Armaan. Here, Sarah asks Veer why did she snatch her piece from her life. Veer says he was feeling bore with his life, that’s why he did something interesting for himself. When Sarah expresses her irksomeness, Veer drags her outside to show something interesting. But they are both stopped by Armaan. He asks Veer not to go anywhere else with Sarah. Veer shows her various magic of werewolves, which excites Sarah. He teaches Sarah how to vanish herself. After some time, Sarah reaches to her home. Laksh expresses his agitation regarding Sarah’s disappearence. When Sarah is asked about her reasons about disappearence, Sarah gets offended. Meanwhile, Armaan appears to the door of Sarah to talk with her, but Laksh and Sarah don’t allow that. Here, Isha and Vihaan talk about Sarah. Isha asks Vihaan to leave Sarah alone for sometimes. But Vihaan is not ready to listen her, as Vihaan loves Sarah. He doesn’t want to listen her sister. Vihaan is given a message for upcoming party where all the friends come. Sarah again expresses her hungry in a metaphorical way.

Here, Mayor comes in a date with his wife.
Veer is identified by Mrs Mayor as a Cherry’s boy friend. Veer tries to hypnotize her but he continues to ask about many things their interrogation. Mrs Mayor protects herself with a bracelet of Shyamtulsi and also tells Veer that only this can save themselves from the attack from werewolves. When Veer asks her about their secret mission, Tarunima doesn’t tell anything about council members as it’s confidential to them. Veer invokes Tarunima to tell the names of council members. Veer flirts with Tarunima, but she doesn’t express anything to Veer tactfully. But Tarunima expresses unknowingly about a particular machine which can detect the werewolves. Then Tarunima leaves the place.

Isha is informed that Sarah has come here in this party. Isha runs to find out Sarah and Vihaan if she does anything dangerous to Vihaan. Sarah moves around for hunting a victim for her hunger. Then Armaan comes to Sarah, he again motivates Sarah to keep a safe distance from this human world as this might be harmful for her own dear one. When Isha, Laksh, Vihaan, Armaan and Sarah stand together, then Sarah expresses her resentment regarding Armaan. Then the party gets start. Veer also join the party, when he notices that particular locket in the neck of Mahek, he asks her how did she get it. Later, when Makeh returns to her Yogini grandmother, she describes the omnipotence power of that locket. Meanwhile hugging to Vihaan excites Sarah for human blood, when she kisses him, the blood comes out from his lips which again excites Sarah. for human blood, when she kisses him, the blood comes out from his lips which again excites Sarah. She forcefully captures Vihaan and proceeds to suck him. Isha comes in the midst, she is attacked by Sarah. To protect Isha, Armaan stabs a sharp knife on the abdomen of Sarah. Sarah loses her sense.

Armaan consoles Laksh, Sarah’s brother, who laments over the death of Sarah. Armaan calls Veer as he needs the help of Veer. Armaan takes Laksh out with him. Isha feels a tremendous exhaustion seeing the senseless body of Sarah. The Veer appears near her and asks Isha to go out from there. Isha gets offended on Veer, also accuses him for this whole incident and slaps him tightly.
Episode ends.

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