Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 28th February 2023 Written Update: Mahish has lost his crucial compass


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Episode starts with a situation in the room of Vihaan. Laksh comes and asks Sarah whether she is okay or not. She expresses her eternal pain, she expresses that she can’t bear the noise around them. Then suddenly hear the news in tv, when Vihaan asks Sarah about the incident, Sarah gives Vihaan a hard jerk not listening his words. When Isha and Armaan come and ask what’s going on, they are told about Sarah’s condition. Armaan stares at Sarah and calms her down. Vihaan is asked by Armaan to take her in the room. When Isha questions Armaan what’s going on, he tells her that Sarah is being transformed to a wolves. When Isha expresses angst about Vihaan, Armaan confirms Vihaan is safe. Armaan makes her understand about the nuances about werewolves. Sarah apologies to Laksh for pushing him. Vihaastarts to cuddle her but the body smell of Vihaan again excites her. Suddenly, failing to control herself, she runs to the outside. Vihaan follows her. Vihaan shows his anxiety regarding Sarah, Isha makes her understand that Sarah will be okay.

In the night, Veer suddenly appeares in the door of Isha. He talks her in a very weird way. Isha says him to keep a safe distance from her. Veer also asks about Armaan, Isha says Armaan went to follow Sarah.
Veer relates that Isha is told about everything about their past. Isha is forced to listen him more. But Isha doesn’t want to hear him and asks him to leave. Veer leaves. Here, Anand, with a machine, tries to find out the location of the werewolves and proceeds to their accommodation. Suddenly, he is forbidden by Mahish to go alone in the forest as they are dangerous. All the police officers search in the whole forest. Meanwhile, Arman reaches to Sarah in the forest, where she is crying vehemently. Sarah expresses that she can’t overcome all these traumatization. Armaan asks he will help her out to be normal. Sarah doesn’t feel okay, and she says she wants to go home. When they are about to proceed to their home, Arman gets a bullet from her back from Anand. When Sarah sees Anand is beating him, Sarah starts to suck his blood. Then another police notice the whole incident, Armaan stops him from firing.

Following that Mayor he reaches to a desert, where Mahish welcomes him. Mahish threats him that he will kill Armaan by today. They both start fighting through words. The tension between both increase the excitement. They both get ready to fight and starts fighting. At first, Armaan fails to cop up with Mahish with his over vaulting power, then he stands up and gathers his own courage and again starts to fight with him, Mahish is defeated by Armaan. Arman also snatches all the sign from Mahish and makes him oblivious about the whole incident. Maya reaches there and sees that both Mayor and Anand lose their sense and also machines were disappeared. Isha is informed about the Sarah’s drastic change of Sarah, but she is also promised that he will handle that. Isha also promises him that she will keep all these as a secret but they can’t meet again. Isha leaves him and closes her door. Armaan and Isha both look hurt. Sarah reaches to Mahir and opens her heart and expresses her angst to him. Again the smell of Mahir excites him and proceeds to suck his blood, but Atmaan stops him. In the next morning, Isha suggests Vihaan to go to college, when he is about to go search for Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah informs Laksh secretly, that she will return soon.

Armaan informs Veer about the Mahish which excites Veer and he also pulls the leg of Armaan. Sarah questions Veer about the compass, but Veer doesn’t give any exact answer. When Veer is asked to get out from this city by Armaan, Veer doesn’t agree. When Sarah says she is hungry, she is given to some blood of animal but Veer provokes Sarah to have some human blood. Armaan makes her understand that it’s not right to have human blood as this will make one werewolf more guilt. Sarah is calmed by Armaan and asks to have that animal blood. Isha reaches to the home of Armaan, but Veer opens the door. Again he irritates Isha by his jealous behaviour. Isha calls Armaan and she asks Armaan about Sarah. She expresses her angst about Sarah, when she will be okay.

Mahek talks with her grandmother, how she was driven out from Kolkata and reached in this Landslade. Mahek shows her interest to be a Yogini, but she is asked to voost up her remaining power. Mayor and Maya talk about the whole incident, how Anand was attacked. They suspect that the compass has been taken by those werewolves. Mahish asks Maya to be alert and keep themselves safe.
Episode ends.

Precap: Veer invokes Sarah to go out and have human’s blood. Isha is attacked by Sarah.

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