Teri Meri Doriyaan Upcoming Story: Angad Apologises to Gurnoor Stops from Leaving the House

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Star Plus’s popular show Teri Meri Doriyaan has always managed to keep the audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama.

Gurnoor feels guilty as she stands infront of the Mirror and wonders for how long she is going to hide the Truth from them. She decides to Leave from there.

Angad comes to Gurnoor and thanks her for coming into their House. He tells her that Akir is Happy because of her and then gives her the Advance Payment.

Akir denies to Eat the Breakfast after Manveer tries to Feed him to which Gurnoor comes there and tricks him into Eating it with a Surprise.

Manveer Hires Gurnoor

Manveer asks Gurnoor to teach some Discipline to Akor so that he can forget Sahiba and move Forward to which Gurnoor asks her to give him some Time.

Gurnoor sees that Kiran is upset and asks her about it to which she tells her that Garry never had Time for her after The Marriage to which Gurnoor cheers her up.

Gurnoor sees Brijja and escapes with Kirat from there. However Brijja sees her. Gurnoor then steals Sahiba’s Passport to escape from there.

Manveer Slaps Gurnoor to which she lashes out at her and decides to Leave while Angad stops her from Leaving and Apologises to her.

What will happen next?

Will Akir accept Angad?

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