Teri meri doriyaann 10th March 2023 Written Update: Jasleen advises Sahiba


The episode starts with Sahiba making a video call to Ajith. Ajith says she is very worried about her. Sahiba asks Ajith not to worry as she even got her own room here. Ajith asks Sahiba if she ate the food. Sahiba lies to Ajith saying she ate the food. Ajith asks Sahiba if Angad is treating her well.

Manveer comes into Angad’s room. Angad thinks it is Pam and shouts at her. Manveer says it’s her. Angad apologises to Manveer for mistaking her. Manveer thinks till when will Sahiba trouble them. Sahiba says to Ajith that she didn’t talk to Angad. Sahiba asks Ajith if he has any news about Seerat. Ajith says Seerat is dead to him. Sahiba reminds Ajith that Seerat is still his daughter and says she will think of something. Sahiba says she will come to the shop soon. Ajith asks Sahiba to take care of things there. Ajith reminds that she always has his blessings.

Manveer asks Angad to change this anger into a weapon and use it on Sahiba. Manveer says his anger will set everything right. Angad looks at the broken trophies and says to Manveer that he is very proud that he always won no matter what he faced but today for the first time he was defeated by the Monga’s and especially Sahiba. Manveer encourages Angad and asks him what will he eat? Angad says he is not hungry and says he is going to take revenge on Sahiba for what she did.

Sahiba recalls what happened and cries to herself about her situation. Sahiba calls Seerat but gets the message that Seerat’s phone is switched off. Sahiba worries about Seerat and decides to go to the police station to file a missing person’s complaint. Sahiba runs into Jasleen. Jasleen consoles Sahiba and says to Sahiba that she is worried about her and says she is here for Sahiba. Jasleen asks Sahiba where is she going? Sahiba says she is going to the police station to file a missing persons complaint for Seerat. Jasleen asks Sahiba to go to the police station from the back door. Sahiba agrees.

Seerat waits for Garry. Seerat asks Garry why did she come this late? Garry says he is busy in work. Seerat asks Garry to join her for dinner. Garry says he already ate the food. Seerat worries that Garry might have known about her truth. Garry talks sweetly to Seerat to cheer her up and feeds food to her. Seerat asks Garry to marry her and encourages him to do it.

Santosh asks Ajith where is he going? Ajith says he can’t stay in the same room with her. Santosh says she will go outside. Ajith says he will go and leaves from there. Santosh cries to herself seeing this.

Angad recalls Akaal’s words. Jasleen comes and knocks on Angad’s room. Angad asks Jasleen what happened? Jasleen says there is a big problem.

Garry asks Seerat to stop talking about marriage all the time. Seerat asks Garry what wrong did she talk about. Garry apologises to Seerat and says he took out his work frustration on her. Seerat also apologises to Garry for questioning him. Garry hugs Seerat and thinks of how to get rid of Seerat in a way that she will not be in his life and Seerat will not be able to tell the Brar’s about his deeds.

Sahiba comes to the police station and tells the inspector about Seerat. The inspector reminds Sahiba that Seerat left the wedding out of her own free will ands says they can’t do anything about it. Sahiba pleads the inspector to find Seerat. The inspector asks Sahiba to give her and Seerat’s details to the cops.

Jasleen says to Angad that Sahiba is not in the house. Angad says it doesn’t matter where Sahiba has gone. Jasleen reminds Angad that Sahiba is still his wife and says if Sahiba did something then their reputation might be damaged. Angad hearing this decides to go and find Sahiba. Jasleen thinks now she lit the fire and all that’s left is to warm her hands. Angad opens the main door and sees outside.

Episode ends

Precap – Angad sees Sahiba returning to the Brar mansion and asks Sahiba where did she go at this time? Sahiba doesn’t say anything loses consciousness and falls on Angad. Jasleen, Manveer, Akaal, and Jabjyot see Angad catching Sahiba.