Teri Meri Doriyaann 13th March 2023 Written Update: Santosh visits the Brar’s mansion


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The episode starts with Santosh saying to Ajith and Kirat that she is going to the Brar mansion to meet Sahiba. Ajith reminds Santosh that Sahiba doesn’t want to talk to her. Santosh says whatever Sahiba said it is in anger. Santosh says she might have calmed down by now and she is going to talk to her. Ajith says he already talked to Sahiba and says Sahiba still doesn’t want to talk to her. Santosh argues with Ajith about not telling her that he talked to Sahiba. Kirat comments on Santosh going to the Brar’s. Ajith also warns Santosh that her going to the Brar’s might trouble Sahiba. Santosh says she will take Sahiba’s trouble on her head and says she will go to the Brar mansion.

Prabjyot asks Sahiba if she has that much self respect why did she marry Angad? Sahiba says she did this marriage only to save her family reputation. Sahiba also reminds Angad that she was saying no to this marriage from the beginning. Jabjyot stops this argument and asks Sahiba to take the Thaali as it is a tradition of this family. Sahiba says no to it and says to Jabjyot that she will only take this Thaali when she sees respect in Angad’s eyes. Angad says it will never happen. The Thaali slips from Angad’s hand and Sahiba catches it. Jabjyot thinks it is God’s play as the ritual is completed in this way.

Santosh comes to the Brar mansion. The security lady asks why did she come here? Santosh says she came here to meet Sahiba and asks the security lady not to inform the Brar’s as it is a surprise for Sahiba. The security lady decides to come along with Santosh.

Sahiba says to Angad that she didn’t take this Thaali so that he will take care of him. Sahiba shows the decoration of this Thaali and says this is her work. Sahiba says until she has her talent she doesn’t need to depend on anyone. Santosh greets Sahiba.

Sahiba asks Santosh why did she come here? Santosh says she came here to meet her. The security lady says Santosh wanted to meet Sahiba. Hansraj and Manveer comment on Santosh. Kulche says to Santosh that she will wait outside for him. Kulche leaves from there. Angad says to Santosh that she came here to meet her daughter right now she will see how they will treat her. Angad reminds Santosh how she destroyed their family reputation and what they had to go through because of this. Angad humiliates Santosh and asks the security lady to throw Santosh out of this house. The security lady asks Santosh to come with her. Santosh takes her leave from them. Manveer asks Santosh to take back the gifts she brought as nobody is going to touch them. Prabjyot and Jasleen also comment on Santosh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Manveer will say to Sahiba that Santosh destroyed her son’s life to fulfill her dreams. Angad says they can forgive her every lie but they can never forgive the replacement of the bride and says it is a fraud. Angad says he is going to call the police. Sahiba says she also hopes that he will call the police and says the replacement of the bride is one of his family members idea. Jabjyot asks Sahiba who is that family member. Sahiba shows Jasleen.