Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th March 2023 Written Update: Sahiba reveals Jasleen’s deeds


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The episode starts with Prabjyot saying to Santosh that even their household will not use the cheap gifts Santosh brought. She mocks their financial status. Jaspal stops Prabjyot and asks her to talk with respect. Veer reminds her that Santosh is the mother of Sahiba and we don’t have the right to blame them. Prabjyot tries to talk. Jabjyot stops her and asks her to not forget that Santosh is the mother of our house’s daughter-in-law and she is our guest and we can’t humiliate our guests. She asks Sahiba to make her mother eat some snacks.

Prabjyot asks Jasleen to support her and questions why everyone is scolding her when she is speaking the truth. Gurleen asks Prabjyot to not behave in this way to Santosh. Manveer says Santosh deserves this for spoiling my son’s life. She asks Angad to call the Police as Santosh deserves to get punished. Santosh says to call the police but whatever happened is god’s wish and she didn’t do anything to ruin them and she taught good values to her daughters. Manveer says your brought-up values are good and your daughters are cheaters. Sahiba asks Manveer to end it and says she didn’t cheat anyone and revealed her identity before marriage.

Angad calls Sahiba greedy. Santosh says to Angad that Sahiba is not greedy and says she always tried to live with self respect but she only sat on the Mandap because of her. Santosh asks the Brar’s not to scold Sahiba for her mistakes. Angad comments on it. Jalseen also says to Santosh that because of her lies they were also not able to do many rituals after they came home.

Santosh blames herself for Sahiba’s situation. Sahiba asks Santosh to leave. Santosh says she will leave after she has done what she came here to do. Santosh falls on Manveer’s legs and begs Manveer not to blame Sahiba for her mistakes. Sahiba makes Santosh get up and says she doesn’t need to fall on anyone’s legs for her. Jaspal asks Santosh to leave from here. Sahiba asks Angad if he didn’t make any mistake in this marriage. Sahiba asks Angad what is she talking about? Sahiba reminds Angad that he chose Seerat for her beauty not because of her background. Sahiba says to Angad that he made a mistake in identifying people.

Sahiba also reminds Angad that Santosh got humiliated a lot and says this humiliation is also a kind of punishment to her. Angad says to Sahiba just because she change the words doesn’t change the fact that Santosh betrayed her. Angad says to Sahiba that she is going to call the police. Veer tries to stop Angad but Angad doesn’t listen to Veer and tries to call the police. Sahiba seeing this says to Angad that if Santosh gets convicted for cheating them then one of their family members will also get convicted for cheating them. Sahiba says it was one of her family members idea to replace Sahiba as Seerat fled the wedding. Sahiba and Angad argue about it. Jabjyot asks Sahiba who is the family member that told her to do this? Sahiba points to Jasleen.

Jaspal also reminds everyone that Jasleen brought Sahiba along with Santosh and when they tried to see the bride’s face Jasleen also supported the Mongas and made them not see the bride’s face. The family members recalls what happened. Manveer and Jabjyot ask Jasleen if what Sahiba said is true or not? Jasleen acts as she is hurt by their questioning and tries to leave from there. Manveer stops Jasleen and presses Jasleen for an answer. Jasleen says it was not her idea to change Sahiba as the bride. Sahiba says she is lying. Sahiba reminds Jasleen of what she said at that time and confronts Jasleen about it.

Episode ends

Precap – Sahiba will challenge Angad that she will make Angad respect her family as much he respects his family if not her name is not Sahiba Kaur Monga.

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