Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th March 2023 Written Update: Seerat decides to go to the reception


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The episode starts with Sahiba refusing to get dressed for the reception. Angad asks for the final time if she will get dressed or not. Sahiba refuses to do it. Angad seeing this tries to force the bangle on her. Sahiba asks him to leave saying that he is hurting her. But Angad doesn’t leave her and argues with her. Sahiba pushes Angad away and asks Angad if this was what he was taught in this house. Jabjyot stops Angad. Angad seeing Jabjyot leaves from there. Gurleen tries to convince Sahiba to get dressed . Sahiba looking at the bangle says these looks like shackles to her and says she will not wear them.

Seerat tries to call Garry but he doesn’t pick up the call. Seerat decides to call Brar office hoping that he will be in the office. Seerat calls the Brar’s office and asks the reception to connect to Garry Baweja. The receptionist says Garry Baweja is not in the office and he is not coming from 3 days. Seerat after talking to the receptionist understand that Garry went to the reception and Garry might know everything about her today.

Jabjyot tries to convince Sahiba to get ready for the reception beautifully by asking for it as a favour from Sahiba. Sahiba doesn’t agree to it. Jabjyot reminds Sahiba that now she is part of this family and asks Sahiba to fulfill her responsibility as part of this family and leaves the choice to Sahiba and leaves from there.

Seerat thinks Garry lied to her about going to the office. Seerat decides to go to the reception to find out if the Brar’s accepted Sahiba or not.

Garry acts as if he got to know what happened just today and talks to Angad about it. Garry apologises to Angad and says he is going to take Jasleen and Kiara away from this house. Angad thinks he should not make Garry and Kiara pay for Jasleen’s mistakes. Angad asks Garry to never think like that and remind him that they are all part of this family.

Jaspal talks to the reporters. The reporters question Jaspal about why hasn’t the party not yet started and where are Angad and Sahiba. Garry comes and talks to the reporters.

Hansraj reminds Manveer that her high class friends are coming and Sahiba rejected getting dressed for the reception. Hansraj asks Manveer now what is she going to do. Manveer’s friends come and greet her. Manveer friends make fun of Manveer getting a daughter in law from a low class family.

Garry talks to the reporters. Veer announces to everyone that Angad is coming. Angad makes a grand entry. The reporters question Angad about the mishap in the marriage and question Angad about Sahiba. Inder comes and gives a befitting reply to the reporters and tells them to wait. Angad thanks Inder for coming here and helping him with the reporters. Inder says he always saw Angad encouraging this family but now he saw him being discouraged so that he needed his dad.

Episode ends.

Precap – In the reception, the reporters will question Angad on why is he trying to act like everything is normal. The reporters say they know the truth about his marriage. The reporters question Angad where is Sahiba? Sahiba comes and says she is here. Sahiba asks the reporters if they thought that she is not going to come to the reception. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand infront of the reporters. Sahiba asks Angad if he has a problem posing with her.

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