Teri Meri Doriyaann 19th March 2023 Written Update: Seerat decided to find out Garry’s true intentions


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The episode starts with Angad thanking his father for coming here and saving him from the reporters. Inder says he always saw Angad encouraging his family but this time Angad needs some support so he came here.

The guests gossip about Sahiba being late for the reception. Garry catches Jasleen who has slipped and asks her to be careful. Garry asks Jasleen not to worry and says he already sent the reporters after Angad and they will humiliate Angad. Prabjyot complaints to Manveer about Sahiba. Jaspal says to Angad everything will be fine.

The reporters question Angad about Sahiba not being here till now. Garry comes and asks the reporters to leave and Sahiba will be here in a minute. Manveer thinks Sahiba is doing this wantonly to humiliate this family.

Jabjyot asks Akaal why did he send her to convince Sahiba? Akaal asks Jabjyot what did she say to Sahiba? Jabjyot says she asked Sahiba to think of this family and come to the reception. Akaal hearing this guarantees that Sahiba will be here for the reception. Jabjyot doesn’t believe Akaal.

The reporters bombard Angad and Manveer about why hasn’t Sahiba come till now? While the reporters question Angad and Manveer, Sahiba makes a grand entry getting dressed beautifully. Sahiba stands beside Angad.

Veer invites Sahiba and Angad onto the stage. Angad asks Sahiba why did she come this late? Sahiba says he should be grateful that she came here after he insulted her. Angad asks if she has to come why do all the drama? Sahiba says Jabjyot asked her to come that’s why she came and reminds Angad it will take time to get dressed beautifully.

The caterer asks Seerat who is disguised as a waiter to serve the guests.

The reporters ask Sahiba and Angad to do a couple’s pose. Angad doesn’t agree with it. Sahiba comments on it. Sahiba guarantees the reporters that they will get their photos. Angad seeing this agrees to do couple’s poses with Sahiba. Sahiba while doing the couple’s poses with Angad warns Angad about the reporters saying how much he avoids the reporters they will ask him that many questions.

Jabjyot says to Akaal that Angad loves Seerat and asks Akaal if Angad has to marry Sahiba then why did God make Angad meet Seerat? Akaal understands now Jabjyot also believes that Angad and Sahiba’s match is a match made in heaven. Manveer complaints about Seerat. Inder asks the waiter for some water. Seerat serves them. Seerat later decides to talk to Garry and find out what is his intention?

Garry comes and asks the reporters to enjoy the food. The reporters question Garry where he was at the wedding. Garry says he left to take care of an important problem. The reporters question Angad about what really happened in the marriage?

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad and Sahiba while dancing to a romantic song. Sahiba say to Angad that he calls her a cheater for a long time but the reality is that he is a really big cheater than her. Sahiba asks Angad not to act too much if not she will tell the truth to everyone here.

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