Teri Meri Doriyaann 24th January 2023 Written Update: Angad blames Sahiba


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The episode starts with Sahiba seeing that a burnt log is about to fall on Angad. Sahiba pushes Angad away and saves him. Angad falls on a woman who is holding Sindhur on a plate. Sahiba catches Angad from falling down. Sindhur goes into the air and falls on Sahiba’s Maang and Sahiba’s forehead. Everyone gets surprised and praises their Jodi. Angad gets furious seeing Sahiba. Santosh sees Colony Lohri celebrations from the window. Kul and Nimmi decide to meet Santosh to know how is she and to mock her.

Santosh thinks she will ruin their plan. Nimmi and Kul meet Santosh and question why she didn’t come to take get milk. They say they learn Seerat participated in a dance competition at Brar’s house. Santosh says Seerat participated and won a 2lakhs pendant. Nimmi and Kul get shocked. Santosh says she can sense the burning smell from them. They say Seerat can’t get married in Brar’s house even though she wins the competition and reminds Santosh that their house is running because of Sahiba.

Angad confronts Sahiba about why she touched him and pushed him. Sahiba says she did it to save him and seems like it was her mistake. Angad says you did a mistake by messing up with me. Kiara and Jaspal ask Angad ‘if he is fine’. Angad says this useless girl is arguing with me. Sahiba says he needs to thank her. Angad asks her to stop and asks how she touched him. Sahiba touches him and says in this way I touched you and did you forget how you touched my hand outside your house that was a shameful act of you and now I saved you but you’re blaming me. Angad says it’s your plan as you were the one who decorated it. Sahiba rebukes him.

Garry asks Seerat where is her driver. Seerat acts like calling the driver and firing him from leaving without informing her. Garry stops Seerat and says he will drop her off and asks her to tell him where she wants him to drop her off. Seerat thinks about what to do then she gets an idea and goes with Garry.

Jaspal asks Angad to cool down and asks Sahiba to apologise accepting her mistake. Sahiba says forgive me you’re elder than me and tell me what my mistake? if saving someone’s life is a mistake then she made a mistake. Sahiba says she will not apologise to him for it. Angad says it’s your intentional plan. Veer thinks Sahiba can’t do it intentionally how to prove it?

Sahiba says she didn’t do anything. Angad asks her to prove it. Sahiba says she doesn’t have the mood and time to explain to him. Angad asks if she is busier than him. Sahiba says yes, you’re rich but lacks kindness. Angad asks her to stop preaching and you don’t need to teach me to be kind. Sahiba says I’m regretting it after hearing your words and I should have let you burn. Angad says this is her real intention and she is a criminal. Sahiba says to Angad if she is a criminal then he is stupid and negligently stood infront of Lohri. Angad gets angry at Sahiba.

Santosh says to her friends that Sahiba is her daughter. Her friends ask Santosh what would she do when Sahiba leaves the house after she marries. Santosh says to her friends not to think too much about it. Her friends say her attitude has changed after going to the Brar’s function. Her friends make fun of Santosh. Santosh says Angad is after Seerat and shows a photo of them together. Her friends think Angad and Seerat are in the same room and misunderstand them and comments on them. Santosh gets angry at them.

Garry while going in the car talks to Seerat and asks her not to worry when she is with him. Garry says he handles all the international business. Seerat asks Garry which place he likes the most. Garry says it’s Paris. Seerat thinks about Paris. Garry apologises to Angad in his heart as Seerat is impressed with him.

Anand asks Sahiba not to talk like that with him in that tone. Sahiba still gets angry at him. Kirat thinks she should teach Angad a lesson. The host of the party apologises to Angad and defends Sahiba. Sahiba asks the host not to take her side and comments on Angad. Angad asks Jaspal if they are seeing how she is manipulating everyone. Jaspal asks Veer to stop this argument.

Veer tries to go to Sahiba. But Kirat stops Veer and tells him to stay there. Angad humiliates Sahiba asking if she knew her status to argue with him. Sahiba gives a proper counter and says she doesn’t want to argue anymore and leaves from there. Sahiba looks herself in the mirrors of the party. An old lady comes and says that Sindhur fell on her because of Angad and she couldn’t tell her as they didn’t stop arguing till now. Sahiba tries to wipe it off but the old lady says it is not Rangoli to wipe it off but it is Sindhur a sign of marriage.

Episode ends

Precap- Seerat thanks Garry for dropping her. Seerat thinks Garry is more handsome and successful than Angad. Santosh sees Sahiba and asks what happened and what is on her forehead? Kirat says it is Sindhur. Sahiba says when she saved someone Sindhur fell on her. Seerat thinks it is a coincidence as they are talking about Seerat’s marriage but Sahiba came home with Sindhur on her.

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