Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th January 2023 Written Update: Seerat falls in Garry’s trap


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The episode starts with Garry taking the remote which falls on the car due to a jerk. Seerat also bends to take it. Garry gives it to her and says it wants to come to her. Seerat thinks she made both brothers fall for her beauty. Garry asks where should I drop you? Seerat asks him to drop her near the luxurious building and states it’s their bungalow. Garry stops the car. Seerat thanks him for dropping her. Garry says it’s his duty to drop the beautiful girl at her place. Seerat blushes. Garry leaves. Seerat thinks Garry is more handsome and successful than Angad. On another side, Garry thinks sorry Angad as I’m going to snatch the girl you like.

Santosh shouts at Gul and Nimmi. She asks them to get lost. Ajit comes there and tries to console Santosh. He asks what happened and what’s the reason behind her reason. Nimmi says Santosh got angry without reason and we asked her to not dream big. Santosh says you mocked me but on this auspicious day, I take a pledge that if I fail to get Seerat married to Brar house then I will become an ascetic. Nimmi asks her to control her overconfidence.

Santosh creates a scene. Ajit asks her to stay calm. Nimmi asks Santosh to not dream as it’s not possible for you to enter Brar’s house as a worker too so stop dreaming. Seerat comes there and says it’s possible. Nimmi asks her to stop dreaming big like her mom. Seerat rebukes them. Santosh asks Seerat to leave them and asks what happened at Brar’s house. Seerat says a miracle happened and they invited dad and you for a meeting and it’s about to talk about my alliance. Santosh feels happy. She mocks Nimmi and Gul. Santosh hugs Seerat in happiness.

Veer thinks to do something before Angad’s anger crosses the limit. He is about to go to Angad but Kirat stops him. Sahiba is about to leave. Angad stops her and says she has to pay price for spoiling his sherwani and trying to harm him. Sahiba asks what’s more expensive ‘your life or Sherwani’. She says sherwani might be important to you. Angad says it cost of 5lakhs. Sahiba says he doesn’t have common sense as he was bought up in a rich family. Veer stops Sahiba and Angad. Angad leaves. Sahiba asks Veer to never let Angad come in front of her. Kirat tries to remove Sahiba’s sindhur but it didn’t go. They leave. Garry and Jasleen come there. Garry asks Jaspal why Angad looks angry. Jaspal tells him how Sahiba spoiled his mood.

Nimmi and Gurleen ask Santosh if they know about their financial status. Santosh says there is no need for them to worry about it and she will give the first wedding card to them and asks them not to come at that time. Ajith brings tea for them. Nimmi and Gurleen take their leave saying they hope they will not lose their honour going after their dreams. They leave from there.

Santosh praises Seerat for what she did. Seerat gives the good news to Santosh that they are going to leave to the Brar’s tomorrow. Ajith says he will not come tomorrow. Santosh gets angry at him and asks him why doesn’t he come? Ajith says he doesn’t want to come to the Brar’s. Santosh argues with Ajith about his attitude. A few people come and invite Ajith to sing a song as today is Lohri festival. Santosh comments on it. Ajith says to them he is not feeling well and asks them to leave. Ajith says to Santosh that Angad and Seerat’s marriage will never happen as there is difference of land and Sky between their status. Seerat and Santosh argue with Ajith about what he said. Ajith tries to convince them that this marriage will not happen. But Santosh and Seerat blame Ajith saying he is creating troubles for her own daughter to not get married. Ajith still tries to convince them but they don’t listen to him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba returns home with Kirat. Santosh sees Sahiba and asks what happened and what is on her forehead? Kirat says it is Sindhur. Sahiba says when she saved someone Sindhur fell on her. Seerat says it is a coincidence as they are talking about my marriage but Sahiba came home with Sindhur on her.

Sahiba asks Seerat what is she talking about? Seerat says Angad has agreed to marry her. Sahiba asks Seerat if what she said is true? Seerat says yes.

Sahiba says to Seerat that her phone is ringing. Seerat says let it ring as it might be one of her boyfriends. Sahiba takes the call. Angad says to it is him on the phone. Sahiba gets surprised hearing his voice.

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