Teri Meri Doriyaann 27th February 2023 Written Update: Santosh begs Jasleen


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The episode starts with Veer ji asking Angad if everything is fine as Seerat didn’t come till now. Angad says to Veer that everything is fine. Veer’s wife asks if everything is fine. Akaal reminds them that this is Brar’s marriage and everything is fine. Angad gets suspicious of Seerat but later thinks Seerat is as happy with marriage as he is.

Lucky stops the reporters from going inside and questioning the Brar’s. Hansraj comes out and answers to the reporters that Seerat is taking time to get ready and nothing more than that.

Kirat tries to talk to Jasleen. Jasleen reminds Kirat and her family that she is helping them a lot by not telling the Brar’s what happened. Jasleen asks Sahiba to wear the wedding dress. Sahiba says she can’t make fun of marriage ritual. Jasleen says then she is going to tell the truth to everyone. Santosh falls on Jasleen’s legs and pleads Jasleen not to tell the truth to the Brar’s. Jasleen helps Santosh get up and says she doesn’t want her to go to jail. Jasleen asks Santosh to convince Sahiba to wear the wedding dress as she told a lot of lies until now. Sahiba and Kirat ask Santosh what lies did she tell the Brar’s.

The guests gossip about Seerat being late. Prabjyot asks Veer to cheer up Angad as he is looking worried. Veer goes to Angad and asks Angad not to be tensed and says everything will be fine. Veer cheers up Angad.

Santosh asks Sahiba to wear the wedding dress. Sahiba says no to it. Santosh reminds Sahiba how will Sahiba and Kirat be able to marry to someone. Santosh emotionally blackmails Sahiba. Kirat asks Santosh to stop blackmailing Sahiba as she always does that and makes Sahiba pay for her mistakes. Santosh falls on Sahiba’s legs and begs Sahiba to wear the wedding dress.

Twinkle comes and knocks on the door. Twinkle comes into the room. Jasleen asks Twinkle why did she come here? Jasleen says she will bring Seerat in a minute. Twinkle says she came here to tell them that she saw Seerat going away in a car with someone. Twinkle says she also took a photo of it. Twinkle shows the photo to Sahiba and Jasleen and others in the room. Kirat says she will go and find Seerat. Jasleen offers money to Twinkle to keep her mouth shut.

Garry calls Angad and asks him if everything is fine there. Angad asks Garry if any workers got hurt. Garry says a few people got hurt but nothing serious and he will take care of everything here. Angad thanks Garry and says they are waiting for Seerat.

Sahiba asks Santosh to drink some water. Santosh blames herself for what is happening right now and apologises to Sahiba as Santosh always makes Sahiba do things that she doesn’t want to do. Santosh says to Sahiba to make a decision as within the next 5 min if she doesn’t get dressed as a bride then everything will end.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba gets dressed as bride and comes infront of the Brar’s. Gurleen sees the bride and praises Sahiba saying she is the best looking bride ever. Ajith thinks it is Seerat and says with her being late she troubled everyone. Ajith holds the bride’s hand. Santosh worries that Ajith might find out the truth.

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