Teri Meri Doriyaann 28th February 2023 Written Update: Ajith questions Santosh


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The episode starts with Santosh saying to Sahiba that if she doesn’t go outside dressed as the bride in the next 5 min then everything will end. Sahiba tries to motivate Santosh. Santosh asks Sahiba to call Kirat and ask her? Kirat is shown to be searching for Seerat. Sahiba calls Kirat. Kirat says she didn’t find Seerat until now. Sahiba says to Kirat that she is going to follow Jasleen’s advice. Kirat asks Sahiba not to do that but Sahiba cuts the call. Jasleen says to Sahiba that she has to get ready. Santosh also asks Sahiba to do it. Sahiba agrees.

The Brar family worries about Seerat being late. Santosh and Jasleen help Sahiba get dressed as the bride. Jasleen says they should leave. Santosh stops Sahiba and ties Sahiba’s hand as Seerat got hurt in the marriage. Sahiba thinks fate plays in different ways.

Angad decides to go check on Seerat. Ajith stops Angad from going and says Ajith is going to go. Inder comments on Seerat being late and thinks if this marriage will happen or not.

Gurleen decides to go check on Seerat but she sees the bride coming and says to Angad about it. The women reporter sees the bride coming and thinks her exclusive story has gone down the drain. The reporter decides to tell Garry about it. Ajith feels suspicious that Seerat is looking like Sahiba. Gurleen decides to see the bride’s face. But Santosh stops Gurleen from looking at the bride’s face. Manveer asks Santosh why is she this late? Santosh makes up a reason for it. Manveer asks Santosh why is she stopping them from looking at the Bride’s face? Santosh says it is their tradition that nobody should look at the bride before the marriage. Jabjyot says she never heard of this kind of tradition.

Manveer also asks Santosh about it. Jasleen says to Manveer that they should not make fun of other family traditions. Ajith holds the bride’s hand and understands that it is not Seerat in the bride’s dress but it is Sahiba. Ajith takes Santosh to a side and asks Santosh who is in the bride’s dress? Santosh tries to cover it up but Ajith says he knows that it is Sahiba in the bride’s dress and asks Santosh what is she doing?

Seerat makes Garry stop the car and shows the Gurudwara and says they can marry there. Seerat talks about their marriage and asks Garry to get down from the car. Garry says he can’t do this marriage. Seerat gets shocked hearing this.

Santosh says to Ajith that Seerat eloped with someone and they dressed Sahiba as the bride so that they can get some time. Santosh says Kirat has gone to find Seerat and Kirat will definitely bring Seerat. Ajith says he can’t sacrifice Sahiba’s life for Seerat’s mistake and says he is going to tell the truth to the Brar’s. Santosh stops Ajith and begs on her knees to not tell the truth to the Brar’s.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad says to Sahiba thinking she is Seerat that he was very worried as she took her time coming here. Angad says to Sahiba how much he wants to look at her face right now.

Kirat chases Garry and Seerat’s car in the auto. Garry hides his face by tying handkerchief around his face. Kirat collides with Garry and Seerat’s car. Seerat thinks she got caught.

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