Teri Meri Doriyaann 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Angad gets shocked


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The episode starts with Angad and Sahiba praying to God. Kiara and Ekam take off Angad’s Sehra and leaves from there. The Pandit asks Sahiba to sit down. Sahiba thinks where is Kirat? Kirat hopes to find Seerat soon. Kirat sees a black car and asks the auto wala to chase that car. Kirat asks Seerat to stop the car. Seerat hears Kirat’s voice and asks Garry to drive the car faster and says her mother sent someone to take her back. Garry thinks if someone identified him then the whole plan will be flopped. Kirat asks the auto drvier to chase the car faster. The auto driver reminds that this is auto. Kirat asks him to stop the auto. Kirat takes the driver’s seat in the auto and asks the auto driver to sit in the back. Kirat chases Garry’s car. Garry applies hand break to suddenly stop the car. Kirat collides Garry’s car. Kirat gets down and tries to open Garry’s car. Garry seeing this drives his car away suddenly. Kirat falls on the ground. Kirat apologises to Sahiba and Santosh in her heart as she couldn’t keep her word.

Kirat comes to the wedding venue and calls Santosh to come here. Santosh thinks Kirat brought Seerat back and thanks the God. Santosh sees Kirat and asks her what happened? Kirat says she found Seerat but she ran away from from her. Santosh feels disappointed hearing this.

The Pandit asks Ajith and Santosh to come forward. Ajith and Santosh do their part of the wedding ritual. Sahiba decides to end this drama. Sahiba takes off her Gungat. Angad gets shocked seeing Sahiba in the wedding dress instead of Seerat. Sahiba runs away from the Mandap. Ajith and Santosh go after Sahiba.

Santosh comes and asks Sahiba what did she do? Sahiba says she should have done this before and says to Santosh she shouldn’t have taken part in this drama. Angad comes and asks Sahiba where is Seerat? The Brar’s identify Sahiba as the woman who decorated the prayer hall. Jaspal asks Hansraj to make sure that reporters don’t come here. Hansraj agree and goes to the reporters and tell them no one should come inside. Lucky and Twinkle stop the reporters from entering inside.

Garry brings Seerat to a guest house. Seerat asks Garry why did he bring her here instead of a 5 star hotel? Garry says it will be safe here as in 5 start hotels people might identify him. Seerat agrees and asks Garry to order a Chinese for her to eat.

Garry calls Sona the reporter and asks her if the drama has happened. Sona says the drama has just started and says to Garry what happened after he left. Sona also video calls Garry and shows him what is happening. Garry thinks everything is better than he planned. Garry tells Sona what she has to do. Sona agrees.

Akaal asks Sahiba what is she doing in the wedding dress? Sahiba apologises to Akaal and the Brar’s for what happened. Angad says nobody wants her apology and asks Sahiba where is Seerat? Angad thinks Sahiba might have kidnapped Seerat. Sahiba gives clarity to Angad that Seerat ran away from here as she doesn’t want to do this marriage. Angad gets shocked hearing about this. Sahiba also tells Angad that Seerat is her elder sister. Kirat also tells Angad what happened. Santosh stops Kirat from speaking the truth. Angad asks Santosh why is she stopping Kirat from speaking? Ajith comes forward and says he will tell the truth. Ajith says Sahiba and Kirat are his second and third daughters. Gurleen asks them about the lies that Santosh told them about her daughter’s what are they? Sahiba understands that Santosh lied to the Brar’s about their family. Sahiba gives clarity to the Brar’s that she runs an art shop and her father prepares Rajma Chawal. Sahiba apologises to the Brar’s for what happened.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba apologises to the Brar’s for what happened.
Angad says to Sahiba that she made of Brar family and they need to pay for their sins. Angad says he is going to call the police. Sahiba says she will call the police and accept whatever punishment they give according to the law.

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