Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th February 2023 Written Update: Brar’s get ready to leave to Santosh’s house


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The episode starts with Seerat talking on the phone with a caterer for a food order. Kirat takes the phone from Seerat and asks Seerat why did she give this big order? Seerat says this food order is for the Brar’s. Kirat asks Seerat who is going to pay for the bill. Seerat says Sahiba will pay for it. Sahiba says she doesn’t have that much money. Seerat asks how can she don’t have money? Sahiba says she doesn’t have money. Seerat asks Sahiba then what will they feed the Brar’s. Sahiba says she already prepared traditional Punjabi food and shows the food she prepared to Seerat. Seerat comments on it and tries to complain to Santosh about it. Santosh asks Seerat to stay out of the kitchen as she got ready and says if Sahiba made the food then it will be alright. Santosh says she ordered the car for the whole day and they have to go to Sudha Malik’s house before the Brar’s. Santosh sees Ajith and comments on his dress. Seerat decides to tell Santosh about Garry after she got a yes from Garry.

Gurleen asks Jabjyot how is she? Jabjyot comments on what she said and praises her. Manveer asks Jaspal what is the problem? Jaspal says there is our Brar’s jewellers Promotional event today and at the same time now they are going to talk to about Angad’s match. Jasleen asks Angad as today is Brar’s promotional event and they are also going to set his match what is he going to choose? Angad says he will first check the work and then come with them. Garry says no and says he will handle the promotion event and Veer also says he will also handle the main store and asks Angad to go to Seerat’s house without worry. Manveer says if everything is right then they will fix the match.

Santosh while getting in the car asks Ajith and Sahiba to come in Kulche’s auto. Sahiba says she will not come and tries to make up a reason for it but Santosh asks Sahiba to tell the truth. Sahiba says Angad doesn’t like her and says Angad might break off this marriage if he knew Seerat is his sister. Seerat also convinces Santosh to leave Sahiba alone. Santosh worries how will everything be arranged without Sahiba. Kirat comments on it. Sahiba stops their argument and tells Santosh to go.

Jabjyot says if everything is right then they will fix the date for the pre engagement ceremony. Manveer says it might be fast. Jabjyot comments on it. Veer and Garry tease Angad. Garry also says to Manveer that Angad was worried when he heard that they will fix the match if everything is alright. Angad says he doesn’t like that kind of joke and says to Manveer.

Santosh and Seerat come to Sudha Malik’s house and they meet Sudha Malik. The sisters reunite and feel happy with each other.

Angad says to Manveer that he will accept whatever her decision about Seerat is. Gurleen comments on it. Manveer says they have to get ready to Seerat’s house.

Sudha asks Santosh if she ever thought of meeting her sister even once in all these years. Santosh says her poverty shackled her from coming here and says she can handle anything but she can’t handle her sister thinking that she is greedy by telling her problems to Sudha. Sahiba asks Kirat how is she going? Kirat says she is going by bike. Sahiba worries about Kirat. Kirat asks Sahiba not to worry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Garry to ask Seerat on the phone how will she come to the promotional event as she has guests coming to her home today. Seerat asks Garry to just message her the address and she will think of a way.

Santosh says to Seerat to not come out until she tell her to.

Sudha says to Santosh that she will send Seerat from this house and asks Santosh to not worry about anything. Seerat runs away from the house. Santosh sees Seerat not in the house and calls Sahiba and tells her what happened. Kulche thinks Seerat might have ran away.

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