Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th March 2023 Written Update: Angad parents are unhappy with Angad’s decision


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The episode starts with
Sahiba pleading to Santosh not to talk as their family is already in shame with what they did to the Brar’s. Santosh says to Sahiba that once she doesn’t marry Angad then Sahiba will have to suffer her whole life.

Santosh comes and pleads Manveer to convince Angad for this marriage as Sahiba’s life will be destroyed if Angad doesn’t marry Sahiba. Manveer asks Santosh if she doesn’t have any shame to ask them like this. Inder scolds the Mongas and says this marriage will not happen.

Santosh falls head over heels hearing this and worries about how Sahiba will get married. Sahiba catches Santosh and reminds Santosh that if a woman doesn’t marry then it will not end her life. Sahiba says she wants to pursue her career and she is not interested in this marriage. Angad satirically praises Sahiba and her family as really good actors. Sukhi introduces herself to Angad as the elder of Mongas. Sukhi pleads Angad to marry Sahiba and says their match is made in heaven. Sukhi also tells Angad what happened with Sahiba and says these are God signs that Sahiba should be the bride. Sukhi asks Angad to marry Sahiba. Angad reminds that she is still a part of Mongas and he will not listen to her.

Angad dares Sahiba to call the police. Sahiba takes the phone and decides to call the police but Akaal stops Sahiba and says she will not call anyone until he tells her to call. Akaal says to Angad that he wants to talk to him.

Akaal brings Angad to a side and says to him that Akaal knows that Angad is burning in flames of revenge and he wants to burn the Mongas in that flame. Akaal asks Angad if he sends them to jail will it bring back the reputation that has gone. Akaal says the society will scold them saying they know how to identify a jewel but not people. Angad asks Akaal if they should leave the Mongas for what they did. Akaal says yes. Angad argues with Akaal about what to do with Mongas. Angad says he doesn’t understand what he wants to say. Akaal says to Angad that he wants him to marry Sahiba. Angad asks Akaal if they should give in to their emotional blackmail. Angad says they should send the Mongas to jail. Akaal says if he did that then Sahiba will be statue of Justice as she revealed who she is before the marriage and they will be the people who punished that goddess and says if Angad marries Sahiba then they will be people who identified the jewel in this situation and the world will praise us for our genorosity. Akaal asks Angad to do this marriage for the family. Akaal gives Angad time to think about it.

Akaal comes to the venue. Manveer asks Akaal if Angad is coming or not. Gurleen asks what will Angad do even if he comes here. Veer says Angad is coming. Everyone sees Angad. Manveer says why Angad is looking worried. Inder says let’s leave home ending the drama. Angad asks his dad to wait. Inder says Police will handle mongas. Angad says the police won’t come and this marriage will happen. Santosh feels happy. Manveer asks Angad how he even thought of marriage. Inder asks Manveer to question Akaal as it’s mostly his advice. Manveer and Jabjyot ask Akaal if he asked Angad to marry. Akaal says Angad can decide what he wants to do. Angad says it’s my decision and grandfather just guided me. Inder and Manveer ask their son to not marry Sahiba otherwise he will regret it for life as she is not his choice. Angad says his decision is final and he will marry Sahiba. Sahiba looks shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sahiba tells her parents that this marriage will kill her dreams and career. She requests them to save her. Ajith tells her she has to save their honour.

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