Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th December 2023 Written Update: Sahiba catches Angad’s act

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The episode starts with the mysterious person saying to Sahiba without coming in front of her that Sunny Sood is here and the diamond is also with him. Sahiba follows the voice of the mysterious person and goes after him. Sahiba searches for the mysterious person. Seerat sees Akaal and Jabjyot opening the locker with Angad’s new passcode.

Angad and Mannat are shown to be doing a dance performance. The mysterious person asks Sahiba to keep an eye on Sunny Sood without coming in front of her.

Sahiba comes to the parking lot to catch the mysterious person but she isn’t able to catch him.

Seerat sees the first 4 digits of the passcode but she couldn’t see the last 2 digits as Jabjyot blocks her sight. Akaal and Jabjyot take the diamond necklace and leave from there.

Sahiba comes to the party. Sahiba thinks if Sunny Sood loves Mannat why is he not drinking the wine glass offered by Mannat. Mannat accidentally spills the wine on Sunny Sood. Sunny Sood says he will come right away after washing it. Mannat agrees.

Seerat comes to Angad’s locker and thinks if the first four digits represent a date what it might be. Seerat thinks this is the date that Angad and her marriage was about to happen and her bad time started. Seerat opens Angad’s locker and takes the brown file and leaves from there. Seerat drops her golden bangle at the locker while she is leaving.

The mysterious person sends his Goon after Sunny Sood to attack him.

The Goon attacks Sunny Sood and asks Sunny Sood where is Junune Dil. Sunny Sood gets out of the Goons hold and fights with him. The Goon tries to choke Sunny Sood but Sahiba pepper sprays in the Goon’s eyes. The Goon runs away from them.

Sunny Sood asks Sahiba why did she need to interfere when he was fighting with him. Sahiba asks Sunny Sood to stop his acting and says she knows that he is Angad not Sunny Sood. Sunny Sood says he is not Angad. Sahiba acts as if she is about to fall from the steps. Sunny Sood catches Sahiba and asks Sahiba what would happen to him if something happens to her. Sahiba with this confirms that it is Angad and asks Angad to drop his act. Sunny Sood also admits that he is Angad. Sahiba asks Angad why he acted like Sunny Sood. Angad says he didn’t have a choice beside doing this and reminds Sahiba about Sunny Sood’s phone that they found in his car. Angad says that phone’s sim no is on his name. Angad says someone is using his identity and is laying a trap for him. Sahiba says to Angad how she met the mysterious person. Angad asks Sahiba if she noticed anything about him. Sahiba says she noticed his shoes and they are quite different and he is wearing a mask and he is talking using a voice changer.

The Goon calls the mysterious person and says someone saved Angad but he made Angad believe that Junune Dil is with Sunny Sood.

Seerat comes and gives the brown file to the mysterious person. Seerat tries to take off the mask of the mysterious person but she fails in doing it. The mysterious person takes off his mask and says to himself that it’s time for Brar family to be destroyed looking at a broken mirror. The mysterious person is shown to be Garry.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sahiba is shown to be painting on a canvas. The mysterious person asks Sahiba if she can paint him as they know each other for quite a long time. Sahiba asks the mysterious person who is it. Garry comes behind Sahiba and asks if she wants to see him. Sahiba gets shocked hearing Garry’s voice.

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