Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th March 2023 Written Update: Ajith convinces Sahiba to marry Angad


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The episode starts with Angad saying to his family that he announced his decision and he doesn’t want to do any argument about it. Inder says to Angad that he doesn’t look like he is going to change his decision. Inder says he can’t see his son’s life being destroyed. Inder congrats Akaal and comments on him and leaves from there. Manveer says to Angad that she knows this woman couldn’t be his choice who deceived their family. Manveer says to Jabjyot that Angad is not in the right mind to take decisions and says they should leave from here. Angad signals that he will not come with her. Manveer says this marriage will not happen.

Angad says he doesn’t want to argue here anymore. Angad gets ready to marry Sahiba but Sahiba says she doesn’t want to marry Angad. Angad reminds Sahiba that this whole drama happened because of her and she has the guts to say no to this marriage. Sahiba says yes. Sukhi takes Sahiba to a side.

Sukhi tries to convince Sahiba to do this marriage but Sahiba doesn’t agree and says she has a lot of dreams she wants to achieve and says Angad is an obstacle to her dreams. Sahiba says she wants to be a great artist. Sukhi says she will never be able to get married with what happened here. Sahiba says she will take care of it. Sukhi also reminds Sahiba that Kirat will also never be able to marry anyone as their reputation will forever be stained.

Sahiba asks Ajith for help but Ajith also tries to convince Sahiba to marry Angad. Sahiba says Angad is going to choke her dreams. Ajith says to Sahiba that she is a born artist and nobody can take away that talent from her. Ajith asks Sahiba to marry Angad for their family reputation. Sahiba says she will never have a reason to live from now on. Ajith inspires Sahiba saying they should find a reason to live if there is no reason to live. Akaal comes and asks the Monga’s if Sahiba agrees to the marriage or not? Ajith says yes. Akaal says to Sahiba that she wants to hear it from her mouth. Sahiba says yes to the marriage.

Akaal comes to his family and says Sahiba agreed to the marriage. Jabjyot says whatever is happening here is wrong? Akaal says no one is going to speak anything and asks everyone to come to the Mandap.

Angad and Sahiba complete the marriage ritual. Angad dreams of marrying Seerat but he comes out of it when the Sikh Pandit says that Anand Tara has been completed.

Sukhi tells Sahiba to do the farewell ceremony. Sahiba’s bangles get tangled while doing it. Sukhi asks Angad for help but Angad stays silent. Sukhi tells Kirat to untangle to Sahiba’s bangles. Kirat does it. Sahiba completes the farewell ceremony. Kirat apologises to Sahiba as Sahiba did this marriage as she couldn’t bring Seerat here. Sahiba consoles Kirat and asks Kirat to take care of their parents. Ajith says to Sahiba that she knows she is going to win the hearts of all the people in the Brar’s family and she is going to be get first calss in life’s examination.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad and Sahiba to get into the car. Angad reminds Sahiba to not think that she achieved her goal and says he is going to prove that this is the worst decision of her life. Sahiba says she is not interested in this marriage in the first place and says just because this marriage happened she will not be his slave.

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