Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th March 2023 Written Update: Manveer does welcoming ritual of the bride


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The episode starts with Ajith talking to Sahiba. Sahiba says to Ajith that she feels like she lost everything in a second. Sahiba also reminds how he made tiffin for her in the morning and says she didn’t know that it was her last meal in her own house. Ajith consoles Sahiba and encourages her that she is capable of winning over any kind of problem. Ajith also reminds Sahiba that she should never give up on her dreams. Sahiba says now there is nothing left. Ajith says to Sahiba that she has to stay strong. Angad calls someone and tells them to find out where Seerat is and who is she with? Santosh tries to talk to Sahiba but Sahiba stops Santosh and says she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. Ajith takes Sahiba to Angad and asks Angad to take care of Sahiba saying Sahiba is his life. Angad tries to leave from there but Veer stops Angad and asks him to respect Ajith as he is an elder but Angad stares at Veer and leaves from there. Santosh cries to herself.

Garry and Seerat celebrate with wine. Garry tries to take their relationship forward but Seerat stops Garry and says she will completely be his after the marriage. Seerat asks Garry when are they going to get married? Garry says they will get married soon. Garry says she will not touch him until she trusts him completely. Seerat says there is nothing like that and says she trusts Garry more than herself. Seerat thinks the Brar’s might blame her as she left the wedding. Garry says he is going to answer if anyone raises questions and comments on it.

Prince asks Veer why didn’t anyone eat the food after Angad married and asks him if it is because the bride changed? Veer signals him to stay silent.

Ajith helps Sahiba get in the car. Angad while sitting in the car reminds Sahiba that she is going to regret this marriage ever happened. Sahiba reminds Angad to not think of her as his slave and says she is going to stay the way she wants. Sahiba also says she doesn’t want anything from this marriage.

Angad and Sahiba recall what happened between them while the car goes to the Brar mansion. Sahiba enters into the Brar mansion and recalls what happened.

The reporters try to ask Angad and Sahiba questions. Angad tells Sahiba that she doesn’t need to answer any questions to the media and their officials will give the statement to the media. Angad gets down from the car. The reporters question Angad how did the bride got replaced and asks Angad about it. The reportes also question Sahiba about their marriage. Hansraj stops the the reporters from questioning Angad and leaves from there.

Angad tries to enter into the house alone but Akaal stops Angad and says when a bride and groom enter the house there is a welcoming ritual for the bride and they should do it. Angad comments on it. Akaal counters Angad and asks Manveer to do the welcoming ritual to the bride. Manveer says no to it. Akaal reminds everyone that no matter what happened before now Sahiba is this house daughter in law. Akaal asks Gurleen and Prabjyot to do the preparations for the ritual. They agree. Akaal convinces Manveer that she has to do the welcoming ritual of the bride. Manveer agrees.

Manveer does the welcoming ritual of the bride and groom into the house. Manveer says to Sahiba that she is going to make her drink poison as a figure of speech.

Episode ends

Precap – Manveer will say to Sahiba that she has to accept a condition if she wants to stay in this house. Sahiba asks what is it? Manveer says she has to break off her relationship with the Monga’s. Sahiba says to Manveer that they have to accept her condition if they want her to do that and says every lady in daughter in law of this house has to break their relationship with their family.

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