Teri Meri Doriyaann 7th March 2023 Written Update: Kirat tells she will never talk to Santosh


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The episode starts with Akaal asking Manveer to do the welcoming ritual. Manveer agrees to do the welcoming ritual of the bride and Groom as Akaal asked her to do it. Akaal also asks Veer to sing a song.

Manveer does the welcome ritual of the bride and Groom. Manveer says to Sahiba that she is drinking poison and says she will make her drink the same poison.

Ekam pours oil at the doorstep and Prabjyot says to the Bride and Groom that they can enter the house.

Monga’s family returns home and sees that the house is decorated by Sahiba to welcome them. Kirat also gives clarity to all the family that it is Sahiba’s plan and asked her to do it. Santosh feels guilty as she only thought of Seerat all the time and Sahiba always took care of this family like a mother. Ajith says with what Santosh did all the family should stop talking to her. Santosh says she is Sahiba’s mother and she will talk to her. Santosh tries to call Sahiba but Ajith takes Santosh’s phone and says she will not disturb Sahiba as Sahiba has just gone to Groom’s family. Ajith asks Kirat to hold Santosh’s phone and not allow Santosh to call Sahiba. Kirat says no and says she will not talk to Santosh from now on. Santosh comments on it.

Manveer stops Sahiba and says to Sahiba for her stay in this house she has to cut off her relationship with Monga’s. Sahiba says she will not accept her condition and says her family is the meaning of her existence. Manveer reminds Sahiba that her family defrauded the Brar. Sahiba says she will not do it. Manveer asks Sahiba to leave the house. Sahiba recalls what her father said and says she will accept Manveer’s condition if they accept her condition and says all the ladies in this house have to break off their relationship with their birth family.

Angad asks Sahiba who is she to even ask this family to do that? Sahiba reminds Angad that she is this family daughter in law. Jasleen and Prabjyot says they will not break off the relationship with their family. Jabjyot says nobody is going to break off the relationship. Akaal says Sahiba is not going to break off her relationship with her birth family and ends the argument. Sahiba gets a call from Santosh and she cuts the call.

Ajith says to Santosh that Sahiba doesn’t want to talk to her. Santosh says how can it be and she tries to call again. Ajith stops Santosh and says she is not going to disturb Sahiba again and ends the argument. Santosh looks at Seerat’s photo and says she ruined their family reputation and hurt them a lot. Santosh says she will never forgive Seerat for what she did.

Seerat wakes up in the guest house and misses her family. Seerat later thinks Santosh is going to forgive her when she knows that she married a guy who is better than Angad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Angad will tell everyone that no matter what happens he doesn’t want to stay with Sahiba in the same room. Sahiba says she is also not interested in staying with him. Manveer says all the rooms are already occupied. Sahiba says she is from a middle class family and she can adjust.
Sahiba asks house help if there is any room that is far away from Angad’s room. House help says yes and says there is a storeroom. Sahiba thinks it is the best place for her.

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