Thapki Pyaar ki 2 Upcoming Story: Purab will get Hansika’s signature


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Colors TV popular show Thapki Pyaar ki 2 is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline, Dadi stops Hansika from catching Purab and Thapki, this track has glued the audience to screens.

As reported earlier it’s shown, Thapki leaves in tears asking Purab to manage. Next morning Hansika wakes up and notices Purab is sleeping beside her shirtless and she messages Thapki to come to the room to witness the truth of last night. Thapki comes there and leaves in tears seeing their position. Purab comes to Thapki’s room and sees all things are shattered and asks her why did you break all this. Thapki says last night you broke my heart and you are worried about these things. Purab by mistake steps on broken glass. Thapki gets worried.

Purab says I have done nothing last night, only you have right over me and kisses her. Hansika comes to Thapki’s room but Dadi takes her with her before she catches them. Later Purab tells his Mom that he is going on a honeymoon with Hansika to Kashmir. Veena tells him he choose the correct decision. Purab thinks Hansika will get exposed before the flight takes off and she will be out from our lives.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Purab on the phone will ask Thapki to authorize the papers to file a forgery case on Hansika then she will be out of our lives. Hansika will overhear the conversation and learns the truth that she doesn’t have property or Purab.

What will Hansika do after learning the truth?

Will Purab be able to save Veena records?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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