Thapki Pyaar ki 2 Upcoming Story: Thapki to feel saddened with Veena’s decision


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Colors TV popular show Thapki Pyaar ki 2 is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline, Thapki’s Muh Dikhai Ritual in place of Hansika, this track has glued the audience to screens.
As reported earlier it’s shown, Hansika gets ready in saree to lure Purab then she pours water on the floor seeing Purab and acts like tripping but Thapki saves her in place of Purab. Hansika gets shocked. Priyanka to falls down and the dust bucket falls on Hansika’s head. Priyanka and Thapki smile. Veena comes there and asks what’s happening. Hansika complained to Veena against Thapki.

Veena warns Thapki to not disrespect her daughter in law of heir of Veena records and she asks Hansika to get ready for Muhdikhayi. At the Muhdikhayi ritual, Veena asks Purab to make Hansika get ready with their family jewellery. Purab makes her wear the necklace and recalls his moments with Thapki then he feels the vibe that it’s Thapki on stage. He lifts the veil to see who’s it. Purab gets shocked seeing Thapki. Veena opens the curtain and asks everyone to meet Mrs. Purab Singhania and she asks Purab to lift the veil. Purab lifts the veil. Everyone gets shocked seeing Thapki.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness that Veena will tell Thapki is not the correct person to wear their ancestral jewellery she asks Purab to take off their family’s jewellery from Thapki. Purab will takes off all jewellery and While taking out bangle, it doesn’t come out. Purab keeps trying in wrong way. Thapki’s hand starts bleeding. Dadi will ask him to see the blood. Thapki will say It’s just blood and I can give up life for my husband.

Can Purab see the Thapki’s innocence? Can Thapki fulfill her vow?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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