Thapki Pyar Ki 2 11th January 2022 Written Update: Thapki realizes her love for Purab


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 11th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki making Purab have his medicine then she asks him to take a rest. He says he needs to go then Thapki asks where? And she says she will go where ever he goes. Purab says bathroom and leaves. Thapki recalls her moments with Purab. Sagar on-call informs Preethi, he is coming to her office, she asks him to get a gift. Thapki calls Jaya and asks why she, Dadi, and Hansika feels that her feelings have changed. Jaya says you will know it yourself soon, when there is a feeling for someone then that person is heard and seen though he is not there. Thapki disconnects the call saying she have work. Jaya hopes for Thapki to realize her feelings soon. Thapki thinks if her feelings changed for Purab.

Purab thinks Hansika was right, this is the best time for another album. Sagar on video call talks with Priyanka. Preeti asks him to cut the call saying she wants to hug him. Sagar lies to Priyanka that he has a meeting. Preeti puts his mobile on the table and it’s not disconnected so Priyanka notices the girl. Sagar ends the call. Priyanka suspects him and goes to the office.

Dadi checks arrangements for Lohri and she leaves giving space to Thapki and Purab. Purab says he needs something. Thapki turns pink when he comes closer to her. She tries to leave but Purab takes her with him saying he has work. Sagar says why you did it, Priyanka may suspect us and if Priyanka finds about our relationship then I can’t buy expensive gifts for you. Preeti hugs him happily. Priyanka arrives at the office and employees think his affairs will be out. Priyanka enters the cabin and questions him where is the girl as I saw hair in video call. Sagar calls Aarti and says she is a receptionist who came to inform me about the meeting. Priyanka apologizes for doubting him then she leaves asking him to return home quickly for Lohri pooja. Sagar thinks glad she informed me on time.

Thapki asks why he brought the kitchen to the bedroom. Purab request her to create the music which she created when Guruji arrived at their house. Thapki creates it. Purab hugs her saying you don’t know how much talented you’re and thank you so much and he sends her to help Dadi. Purab thinks it’s time for you to shine and the whole world gets astonished with your work.

Thapki comes out from the room and she imagines Purab everywhere and she saw Purab in everyone and she thinks something happened to her. Dadi asks her for water, she pours water on the floor. Dadi sends her and she is about to fall but Purab holds her. Thapki says you’re not Purab. He asks who’s he. She asks him to pinch her if he is real. Purab pinches her. Thapki runs in happiness and thinks it means I started loving him and I need to tell him about my feeling and she plans to tell him after Lohri pooja. Hansika hears her plan and thinks to implement her plan of breaking them.

Purab and Thapki gets ready for Lohri pooja. Thapki thinks how to tell him about the toofan inside me. Purab adjusts her Bindi then checks her eyes. Thapki ask him leave for Lohri pooja saying she has to get ready Purab asks if she is fine as she was doing weird things. Thapki signs ok then he leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi asks Purab to light the Lohri. Purab lits it with Thapki. Jaya leaves asking Thapki to confess her feelings.

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