Thapki Pyar Ki 2 14th January 2022 Written Update: Purab closeness affects Thapki


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 14th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab asking Thapki what she talked to Jaya. Thapki asks how it matters to you? Purab says it is my matter and says it is my duty, I shall not leave my saas and wife alone, they will badmouth about it. Thapki leaves saying she remembers her wife’s duty. Purab asks Jaya, what’s the matter. Hansika comes to Thapki and asks her if she had confessed her feelings with Purab. Jaya lies to Purab saying Thapki was angry in her Dad’s matter then she prays Maata Rani to settle the issue.

Thapki asks what’s your target? What you want to achieve. Hansika says she didn’t get it. Thapki says my mother has taken a promise from Purab and you know everything still you are pushing me to confess my feelings, do you want me to make fun of myself in front of Purab. Hansika says you’re misunderstanding my intentions, it happened long back and many things have changed, are you planning to confess your feelings or confront him about the promise. Thapki leaves saying she will make her decision. Hansika thinks you’re moving in the way I planned and you will be out from this house in this way.

Thapki cries in her room. Purab asks Thapki to open the door. Thapki says stop crying for the relation which started on a lie and promises so it’s better to not expect anything from it and she opens the door. Purab says I got to know from Jaya Mom that you’re sad in your Dad’s matter but don’t worry it takes time to settle and he shows her the video and says she will be star very soon as her video is going viral and Veena records will support you as people demand more video. Thapki looks on then he asks why she is not happy. Thapki asks what he get if he exhibits her talents to the world? Do you do it for everyone? Purab says I will support people who have talent and whom I can do if it’s not you. Thapki takes her hand from him. Purab looks on.

Next day Purab helps Thapki to get ready and he makes her wear the jewellery then he says now you’re looking like my perfect wife. Thapki blushes but she becomes sad recalling his promise to Jaya. Purab asks what happened. Sargam calls them. Dadi praises the decorations of Thapki then she circulates duties to everyone and she asks Thapki to prepare Purab’s favourite laddu. Purab holds Thapki from the back and makes Laddu. Thapki refuses his help. Purab praises the taste of laddu. Jaya prays Maata rani for Purab and Thapki unity. Ashok tells her Sagar invited them for Makar sankranthi. Jaya says it wont be good if they visit their place frequently. Preeti says they will go then they asks her to go with Anshul. Dadi asks Purab and Thapki to perform pooja after Veena. Purab does pooja with Thapki and his closeness affects her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Thapki denies to take help of Purab, she gets hurt because of thread and he feels worried for her and sucks her finger.

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