Thapki Pyar Ki 2 18th February 2022 Written Update: Hansika foils Thapki’s plan


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 18th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab asking Dadi why she brings him to Veena’s room. Dadi says you used to spend your time in this room whenever you come from the hostel and you said your Mom’s voice is so good and truthful so with that pure heart tell whom your heart wants.

Thapki gets ready as bride. Dadi says I know whom you want and even you know it but you’re doing this marriage in anger so think before doing it as it will spoil 3 lives. Transgenders take Hansika with them. Veena asks whom they are taking. Transgenders say our friend is unconscious that’s why we are taking her home. Veena asks them to give their blessings by staying in the outhouse. Transgenders leave telling they have already given their blessings. Anjali calls goons but they didn’t answer her. Anshul and Ashok leave placing Hansika in a vessel. Hansika’s man gains consciousness and he attends the call. Anjali asks them to do what she said.

Thapki thinks in previous marriage my makeup is not for you but this time it’s for you Purab. That time she hears the sound of the door then she covers her face with a veil. Purab comes there and tells her that he can never love her post marriage as his heart is with Thapki. Thapki smiles.

Purab says I’m forever grateful for whatever you did to my company and family and I fulfill my responsibilities too but it’s wish whether to marry me or not and he asks her to answer. Thapki holds his hand. Purab thinks why he feels like she is Thapki with her touch and he tries to see her face which makes Thapki gets tense but Sapna and Priyanka stop him telling he can see her face later and they takes him to tie the sehra to his face. Thapki says I want to confess my feeling when you confess love to me but now it didn’t happen but I will tell you how much I love you poet our marriage.

Anjali brings her daughter in a wheelchair telling her she still can’t believe that her daughter is getting married to Purab Singhania. Priyanka and Anjali make Bride sit in the mandap. Pandit starts the marriage. Priyanka tells Sapna that Thapki is missing. Purab listens to their conversation. Pandit asks them to exchange varmala. Purab thinks why he felt it was Thapki when Hansika touched him and he stops the bride and asks her to remove her veil so Priyanka can take their photos. Bride removes the veil and it turns out to be Hansika. Purab gets shocked.

Hansika recalls how cloth from her mouth is removed then she alerts her men and calls her Mom to get the wheelchair and identical lehenga. Veena asks them to exchange their varmala. Anjali brings Thapki to the balcony and asks her to witness her defeat. Thapki feels bad seeing them exchanging Varamala. Thapki tries to move but Anjali threatens her by keeping the knife at her neck.

Hansika thinks her happiness is a sad moment for her sister. Anjali takes Thapki to the room. Thapki takes a knife and threatens to kill her if she won’t allow her to leave. Anjali shows a photo of her uncle and Anshul and tells her men will kill them if she won’t listen to her. Thapki drops the knife then Anjali ties her to chair and tells very soon this room becomes Hansika’s and I will take you to witness their sindoor ritual and she asks her men to leave Anshul and others by making them unconscious. Thapki prays Maata rani for the help.

Episode ends.

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