Thapki Pyar Ki 2 18th January 2022 Written Update: Purab gets shocked knowing Thapki is pregnant


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 18th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab asking his Friend to trace Thapki’s number. His friend tells him he will message him the last location of her. Thapki moves from there but Purab didn’t notice her and some accident happened there. Purab goes there thinking why he feels Thapki is in danger but he stops receiving calls from Vicky and he leaves for Thapki’s last location. Preeti and Sagar discuss how their changing names on phone got saved them. Priyanka follows Sagar’s car and plans to show him the movie. Purab reaches Thapki’s last location where he notices Thapki’s Dupatta piece on the bench.

Sagar and Preeti arrive at the movie theatre. He notices Priyanka’s car and alerts her. Preeti thanks him. Priyanka turns her to slap but stops seeing her and asks whats she doing with Sagar. Preeti says he just gave me a lift. Priyanka says I know you came to watch a movie. Sagar says he booked those tickets to surprise her. Priyanka asks who’s Paritosh. Sagar says, a college friend. She calls the number which she took from Sagar’s phone but some male person attends it which shocks her. Sagar leaves saying how can she doubt him. Priyanka follows him. Preeti thinks glad I asked him to change someone’s number to Paritosh.

At night Purab returns home and informs family members that he didn’t find Thapki’s whereabouts. Vinod says he will call the commisioner. Veena says it’s better to accept that Thapki left us. Purab says Thapki is missing. Veena says she went with her will so don’t search her. Hansika says Veena aunty is correct.

Purab asks her to stop involving in their matters. Veena says she cares for us and doesn’t behave like Thapki. Purab says I don’t give a damn about what you guys think and he is about to call the commisioner but stops seeing Thapki. Hansika thinks about why she returned home. Purab happily hugs her in tears and asks her where she went. Dadi asks him to let her enter the home then she makes her sit and asks her to tell him what happened. Veena says she went to ruin our reputation.

Dadi requests Veena to stay calm then she asks Thapki to tell. Thapki says I went to Doctor. Purab asks if everything is fine. Thapki says she is pregnant which shocks Purab, Veena, Hansika, and Sapna. Dadi feels overjoyed. Purab thinks about how it happened reading the report and he tries to see her and talk with her but she ignores it.

Dadi gifts chain to Thapki and tells everyone that this is the best news she has ever heard and she brings dhol. Vinod plays it then Dadi dances with Sapna, Sagar, and Priyanka. Sagar goes aside to attend the call. Veena denies joining them. Dadi joins Hansika with them. Sapna scolds Priyanka for losing the golden chance and you got defeated in Thapki hands. Priyanka says it’s your Son’s mistake.

Sapna says she will talk with her son and thinks where is he. Purab asks Thapki to come with him. Dadi warns him to not talk with Thapki in anger as his baby listens to everything. Purab says Thapki needs rest. Dadi says they have to do aarti. Ashok asks Anshul if there is something between him and Sargam? Anshul says we are just friends. Ashok asks why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Anshul says he doesn’t have time. Ashok asks him to tell what kind of girl he wants. Anshul says Girl must be like our Thapki sister. Some girl is shown. Dadi and everyone perform Aarti to Thapki and Purab. Purab says Thapki might be tired so we will go to the room. Thapki asks him to get her pan. Dadi asks him to get what Thapki wants to have. Purab gets frustrated but leaves to get it.

Episode ends.

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