Thapki Pyar Ki 2 19th February 2022 Written Update: Hansika men kidnap Thapki with Hansika’s help


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 19th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with pandit saying the Varamala ritual is completed and he asks them to take blessings of Maata rani before the pheras. Purab is about to leave but Veena asks him to bring Hansika. Priyanka goes to get a wheelchair and she brings the wheelchair and tells Sapna that Thapki is nowhere to be seen. Sapna says Thapki might go from here. Thapki prays Maata rani for the help. Purab makes Hansika sit in the wheelchair. Hansika thinks Maata rani also can’t stop her marriage. The wind blows heavily and Diya falls on Hansika Duppata and another side it falls on the rope of Thapki. Dadi prays maata rani to save them from trouble. Veena sees fire on Hansika duppatta. Purab throws water on it. Thapki unties herself and prays to Maata rani idol.

Veena asks if she is fine. Hansika says she is fine. Anjali says it’s common and asks them to continue the marriage. Pandit says it’s inauspicious and he asks her to change the Duppatta. Priyanka takes Hansika to the room and asks her to change. Hansika locks the room and she feels frustrated saying how can Pandit stop it saying inauspicious. Thapki says Pandit is correct. Hansika asks how can she reenter many times. Thapki says my maata rani is with me. Hansika tries to attack ger but Thapki handles her and she locks Hansika in a cupboard tying her mouth and she sits in the wheelchair and covers her face with veil. Priyanka returns to the room and notices Hansika is missing. Thapki enters thr venue by herself in wheelchair. Veena asks if Priyanka left her. Priyanka says no, I went to the washroom and she came here by herself as muhurat is nearing.

Anjali and Purab make the bride sit in the mandap. Purab thinks what’s happening as I again felt her presence, am I searching Thapki in Hansika. Anjali asks if she is the one. Thapki nods. Pandit asks Anjali to do the kanyadaan. Anjali sees the Mehendi and feels something is wrong then she goes to check Thapki once where she notices Thapki is missing and she releases Hansika and tells Kanyadaan happened. Hansika tells Thapki took my wheelchair and it’s on my ego so I can’t lose in her hand and she breaks the glass. Anjali says no, but Hansika holds her hand and asks her to understand her. Anjali gets tense.

Pandit asks Veena to tie the gadhbandhan. Veena ties the gadhbandhan and tells she is giving her son’s hand to correct partner. That time Anjali comes out with blood. Everyone feels worried and goes towards her and asks what happened. Hansika hits Thapki with coconut and she sends Thapki with her men and sits like a bride. Anjali tells everyone that someone thief entered to Hansika’s room and I tried to stop him then he hurt me. Priyanka tells there is no wound on her stomach. Anjali tells her her hand got hurted. Priyanka bandages her hand. Vinod asks them to call police so they can get some clues. Hansika feels tense.

Episode ends.

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