Thapki Pyar Ki 2 19th November 2021 Written Update: Veena calls Thapki is unlucky infront of her family members


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 19th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veena calls Pandit to home and he checks the kundli than says Veena ji, your function will be successful but someone near you causing problems to you and that’s is the person who’s responsible for your problem of voice. Sapna and Priyanka looks on. Dadi informs to Purab and Thapki that Veena is unable to talk and what will happen to our event and they goes to check Veena. Thapki says she will prepare kadha than Veena says no need and don’t even enter my room as I can’t let your shadow fall on me so leave.

Dadi asks Veena if she paagal. Veena says stop it Amma, until now I beared her for you and first time I’m facing problem with my voice and it’s because of Thapki and she asks Thapki to leave. Thapki leaves. Purab goes behind her. Dadi consoles Thapki amd asks her to not take Veena words seriously. Thapki says I can understand Veena’s situation but I’m feeling bad as I’m becoming reason for her pain. Dadi says she know how to make Veena drink kadha prepared by Thapki changing her attention. Thapki says we have to keep her happy too. Dadi says she have idea to make Veena happy.

Veena hears the smiling sound of Purab and Dadi from her room. Dadi and Purab see the video of his childhood. Thapki signs them Veena is coming. Veena Devi comes there and sits to watch the video and she says you used to do so much mischief. Purab says I used to do mischief to get your attention. Thapki signs him to give kada to Veena Devi than He serves to Veena Devi. Veena Devi drinks it and tells that these moments were most precious to her then realises that her voice is normal and gets happy saying her pain is gone. Purab smiles looking at Thapki. Dadi asks Veena to change her thinking. Purab says don’t get angry but Thapki will help me to manage this event. Veena says your wish but she can’t come infront of me when I sing the song and she leaves. Purab says good job partner.

Mukul comes to Ashok house but he sees Ashok and thinks he is uncle of Thapki and they have no connection with Jaya so I may come to wrong address and than he calls to the phone number mentioned in paper. Jaya attends the call of Thapki and tells her that her voice is fine. Thapki says I know that you’re in pain but don’t worry I’m working with Purab and very soon I will arrange money for your operation and thsn she informs her how she cured Veena voice with Kada. Jaya says Kada is not perminant solution so it’s needed complete treatment and did you remember how I used to make you eat kaali mirch and somp ka laddoo, make it for her. Thapki asks her to tell the process. Mukul asks Medical shop member for Jaya number but medical shop person says I gave you address so search her by yourself. Jays closes the window and she missed to see Mukul.

Priyanka says your plan got flopped Mom in law. Than they notices laddoo preparing by Thapki to Veena. Sapna says this laddoo will spoil the voice of Veena. Priyanka smiles than they mixes something in laddo. Purab asks Thapki to come soon for stage work than Thapki asks Dadi to make Veena ji have the laddoos. Dadi meets Veena and asks how’s her voice. Veena says better than before but not cured completely, can I get that kada again. Dadi says I have better option so eat these laddoos.

Veena asks who prepared them. Dadi says she ordered them. Dadi informs to Thapki and Purab that she gave laddoos to Veena. Veena voice get spoiled after eating Laddoos amd she shouts for water. Sapna and Priyanka goes to her room and informs her that those laddos made by Thapki. Veena comes downstairs and blames Thapki. Vinod and Dadi asks why she is blaming her. Veena says she gave wrong laddoo which spoiled my voice and this girl is unlucky. Thapki cries.

Episode ends.

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