Thapki Pyar Ki 2 25th February 2022 Written Update: Veena arranges Muh Dikhai for Hansika


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 25th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab angrily asking her to give him a way. Thapki flirts with him and asks him to say Thapki darling give me a way by coming closer to her. Purab tells her she is no one to him. Thapki holds his hand and asks why his heart rate is getting increased when she is coming closer to him if she is no one to him. Purab recalls his words and tells she doesn’t affect him and drinks the water. Thapki cries going aside and she thinks very soon she will confess her feelings and I know you feel for me like I feel for you. Purab leaves hiding his tears.

Thapki comes to room and notices Hansika is getting ready. Hansika tells I’m following your all advice to impress my husband that’s why wore a sexy saree and opened my hair so tell me how am I looking. Thapki says Purab can’t get trapped seeing you. Hansika says previously he is married to you but now he is free. Thapki smiles and tells she can’t lure Purab. Hansika tells all men are the same and I can take the place in his heart. Hansika pours water on the floor seeing Purab and acts like tripping but Thapki saves her in place of Purab. Hansika gets shocked. Purab asks what’s happening. Thapki says she saved Hansika when she is about to fall. Purab leaves. Hansika falls because of water. Priyanka to falls down and the dust bucket falls on Hansika’s head. Priyanka and Thapki smile. Veena comes there and asks what’s happening. Hansika tells we fall down but Thapki is smiling without helping them. Thapki says your intentions are low so I can’t help even if I wish to. Veena warns Thapki to not disrespect her daughter in law of heir of Veena records and she asks Hansika to get ready for Muhdikhayi.

At the Muhdikhayi ritual, Veena stops Purab. Guest arrives at the function and wishes Purab then they ask why they are big curtains. Veena tells it’s their ritual and Purab has to ready his bride in our ancestral jewellery theme everyone can see the bride. Veena asks Purab to take a break from his work. Preethi shouts thief seeing Urvashi. Sudha comes there and tells Urvashi is paying guest. Preeti tells she won’t share her room with anyone. Sudha fights with her and asks her to allow Urvashi to stay with her and she leaves. Preethi goes behind Sudha and tells she won’t allow Urvashi. Sudha says Urvashi is a princess and I will make Anshul marry her then we will get all luxuries. Urvashi thinks to use them. Preeti thinks how Anshul got the princess and I got second hand husband.

Priyanka brings the bride covering her with Ghoonghat. Veena asks Purab to make Hansika get ready with jewellery. Purab makes her wear the necklace and he sees bangle and recalls a past incident telling Thapki that it’s Dadi’s order to help you getting ready. Thapki happily nods okay. Purab makes her wear a necklace. He says Dadi sent ancestral bangles as well. She forwards her hand. He asks, will I only do all the work? You also do something by yourself. She says ok and tries to take the bangles from him, but he says, I will do it. He has hard time pushing the bangle in her hand. Thapki opens a lock of bangle and then it he makes her wear it and. Both laugh. Purab makes her wear bangle and he feels why he sense it’s Thapki. Purab gets Thapki’s call still he follows his heart and lifts the veil to see who’s it. Purab gets shocked seeing Thapki. Veena opens the curtain and asks everyone to meet Mrs. Purab Singhania and she asks Purab to lift the veil. Purab lifts the veil. Everyone gets shocked seeing Thapki.

Episode ends.

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