Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26th February 2022 Written Update: Singhania family faces insult in Muh Dikhai ritual


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki thanking Veena and telling her there is a correction i.e I’m becoming Mrs. Singhania for the second time. Veena asks Thapki where is Hansika. Thapki says you asked her to get ready taking her own time so she might be getting ready. It’s shown how Thapki spoiled Hansika’s blouse by making it tight for Hansika and leaves taking Hansika’s phone. Hansika notices the blouse is not set for her then she notices her sarees are not available in Purab’s room then she goes to her room. Thapki takes the saree and gets ready in it and messages to Priyanka from Hansika’s phone. Thapki welcomes guests to her muh Dikhai. Hansika notices her cupboard is empty then she comes downstairs in a bathrobe and goes to Thapki taking knife. Purab feels worried for Thapki and takes knife from Hansika and questions if she wants to kill her. Hansika manages by telling she never even thinks to hurt Thapki as she is sister but Thapki is not leaving any chance to hurt me so take the knife and kill me Thapki. Thapki says there is competition between us.

Guests insult Veena’s family and their values and then leave the venue saying they don’t want to have any relationship with their family. Veena gets angry then she says Thapki is not the correct person to wear their ancestral jewellery she asks Purab to take off their family’s jewellery from Thapki. Purab takes off all jewellery and While taking out the bangle, it doesn’t come out. Purab keeps trying in wrong way. Thapki’s hand starts bleeding. Dadi will ask him to see the blood. Thapki will say It’s just blood and I can give up life for my husband. Purab asks her to take it by herself and leaves. Dadi asks Thapki to keep it with her. Priyanka says it’s expensive. Dadi says that’s why I’m asking her to keep it otherwise it may get broken. Thapki smiles seeing her bangles.

Purab kicks the punching bag saying he hates Thapki and her actions won’t matter to him. Thapki comes there and asks won’t she matter to him? And she tries to hug him then Purab asks why she is hurting everyone. Thapki says so it’s affecting you. Purab tells it matters as he can’t see the sadness of his family members and Hansika. Thapki says your eyes are telling the truth and she shows him how her hand got hurt.

Hansika tells Veena that Thapki humiliated them. Veena tells she will take revenge on Thapki. Hansika asks what’s the use of it? Thapki is spoiling every ritual and she won’t let me have my right on Purab until she stays here. Veena tells her tonight their distance between them is going to end. Hansika asks what she is planning to do. Sapna asks Priyanka to enjoy with her friends. Priyanka tells she is going to date with Sagar. Sapna asks her to cancel the date to increase her demand and she recalls Dadi’s advice. Priyanka tells she will make Sagar feels jealous by talking to her boyfriend. Purab asks her to bandaid her wound but she asks him to do it and tries to talk with him romantically. Veena comes there with Hansika and warns Thapki to stop her dramas and she asks Purab to spend 3days with Hansika in the 5star hotel. Thapki asks will he go. Purab agrees to go with Hansika and he leaves. Veena tells Thapki that she can’t create any drama at the hotel as I already booked all rooms. Thapki looks on. Hansika leaves telling she has to pack many things.

Episode ends.

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