Thapki Pyar Ki 2 28th November 2021 Written Update: Hansika gets a copy of Veena video from her Mom


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 28th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hansika asks Thapki to record her byte in her mobile and tells her that she will send the video to her than she shows Veena video to her. Thapki is about to see but Veena Devi send servant, who makes the cell fell down than Hansika scolds him. Veena comes there and deletes the video and tells to Hansika that she will pay her the amount for damage. Sargam gifts latest phone to Rohit and she asks him to post their selfie to officialize their relationship to everyone but Rohit denies telling her some story. Sargam leaves saying she is getting late for party. Rohit thinks he can never accept her as girlfriend infront of world.

Sargam sends Purab to wear the dress by telling him that they choosed dress to everyone. Hansika thanks her Mom for saving the copy of Veena video. Anjali asks her to create blast with that video in party. Hansika tells her she will use it at the correct time.

Purab gets mesmerized seeing Thapki in yellow saree like Chandini and he asks her if it’s her idea for party. Thapki says nothing big deal and tells to Purab that he is looking good. Purab says she is looking good too. Sargam asks them to hide sayimg Mom is coming. Veena comes there and everyone wishes her. Purab says whoever be the organiser did good arrangements and I feel they did good research on Mom taste so wish to give them company events too. Thapki asks is it true. Purab wishes his Mom. Veena says arrangements are so good and who did these arrangements. Purab says Thapki did these arrangements and she did it for your happiness and want to give the credit to party planner. Sargam and Dadi to tells her how much Thapki researched for her. Thapki wishes her in stammering tone. Veena asks her to start the performance.

Ashok notices Sudha is wearing new jewellery than he asks her where she get money to buy jewellery. Sudha says I know where to invest through tv unlike you and she goes to show off her jewellery to neighbours. Purab anounces Sargam performance. Sargam performs Kajurare song with Priyanka and Sapna. Veena enjoys it. Everyone claps for them. Than Purab anounces Vinod performance. Vinod performs with Veena for ae meri song. Thapki asks Sargam if video is ready as she wants to show it to Veena ji before cake cutting. Sargam says everything is ready and Mom will hug you after seeing it and they leaves than Hansika removes Thapki pendrive and fixes her pendrive than she thinks Purab will get mad after seeing this video and Veena have to apologise to Thapki, hope Veena loves this surprise. Everyone claps for Veena performance with Vinod. Purab says this is called mind-blowing performance and he about to announce performance but he coudnt do it because of mike problem. Hansika comes to stage and performs to Naina o Naina with Purab. Priyanka tells to Sapna that Hansika is winning this round. Sapna says Thapki performance is still pending. Hansika winks at Veena.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purab and Thapki performs romantic dance. Thapki finds out her marriage with Purab is planned one by Veena.

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