Thapki Pyar Ki 2 29th November 2021 Written Update: Thapki spoils Hansika plan


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 29th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purab asks Hansika what’s the need of dance in her state. Hansika says it’s Veena aunty birthday so it’s needed than he asks her to rest than he announces his performance with Thapki. Sapna tells to Priyanka that Thapki is winning more points even though she didn’t tries it. Purab and Thapki dance on the song tere mere hooton pe mitwa song. Sargam praises their jodi during performance. Dadi makes Veena recalls Pandit words that Thapki and Purab are made for eachother. Veena smiles. Everyone claps for their performance. Hansika tells to Veena that she replaced her pendrive with Thapki’s one, which gonna expose her.

Purab asks Thapki to play her video. Thapki goes to laptop. Veena prays Maata rani to help her to stop Thapki from playing the video. Power goes off. Dadi asks Vinod to check it than Sagar receives message that power cut due to work in their area. Thapki says we shall cut the cake as we can watch the video after cake cutting. Dadi asks how, as there is no light. Purab says on the terrace. Sargam and Purab goes to arrange it. Hansika feels disappointed. They all go to the terrace. Veena thinks she have to delete the video and Hansika thinks to stop her. Thapki thinks to close the laptop than checks the video seeing thumbnail where Veena is changing boards of brides and offering money to Hansika to back off from marriage than she thinks it means Veena Devi getting them married purposely according to her plan. Veena comes there and notices Thapki saw the video. Hansika thinks her work is done as Thapki watched the video.

At cake cutting Veena thinks why Thapki didn’t revealed to anyone. Sargam asks her to cut the pineapple cake prepared by Thapki. Veena cuts the cake. Thapki tells something to Purab and Veena thinks Thapki revealed her truth. Purab goes to Veena and feeds her cake than he applies something to her nose. Than everyone feeds cake to her. Veena thubks what’s Thapki planning. Hansika thinks why she is not revealing truth and she goes to take pendrive but noticed pendrive is Missing.

Thapki shows pendrive to Veena and she asks why she didn’t revealed to anyone. Thapki says Mom can’t be wrong to her kids and think it as my gift to your birthday and she burns the pendrive. Purab asks what are they doing alone. Veena says she is seeing the efforts of Thapki. Purab says finally you’re seeing her goodness and he asks Thapki to feed cake to his mom. Thapki feeds the cake to Veena. Sargam calls everyone for Family photo. They clicks the photo than power comes back. Sargam takes them to watch the video. Hansika notices Thapki burned the pendrive.

Veena feela happy seeing the video message of everyone. Purab says Thapki didn’t record her message and he asks her to tell her feelings. Everyone insists her to say. Thapki says I love Veena devi like my Mom and my life will be fulfilled if I become like 1% of yours and I always want your happiness. Everyone claps for her. Veena smiles. Anjali gets Mukul wallet and she sees what’s he hiding from her than she gets Hansika call and she tells to her Mom that Thapki spoiled their plan. Anjali asks Hansika to find from Purab that what he thinks for Thapki. Anjali takes photos from his wallet and Jaya photo fell down. Thapki gives tea to Veena than Veena says you’re smart player.

Episode ends.

Precap – Thapki and Purab share a moment.

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