Thapki Pyar Ki 2 5th March 2022 Written Update: Sawari rejects Hansika’s proposal


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 5th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priyanka saying now everything is fine as he dropped Thapki at her parent’s house. Thapki enters saying she is back and tells them that she brought gifts to them for Paghphera. She gives gifts to everyone. Thapki gives coconut crafted kerchief to Purab. Purab angrily sees her then she keeps it in his pocket. Everyone leaves taking gifts. Thapki gifts Hansika a book on how to win her husband’s heart. Hansika returns the gift and tells her she can’t win anyone’s heart. Thapki says hope you won’t lose your remaining half right so has this book which will work. Purab comes to Veena’s room and sees his Mom accepted the gift. Purab makes her know his presence. Veena tells people tastes are changing in the industry. Purab asks Veena to sing with Sawari Devi. Veena agrees and tells him it’s good for her mental condition as Thapki made it tough for us to live with her behaviour. Thapki overhears it and thinks I know I will receive hate but I will bear it for our family’s happiness.

Purab thinks we are making so many plans with Sawari but what if she is still angry. He calls Thapki. Thapki hides under the cabin of the kitchen and attends the call. Purab apologizes for his behaviour. Sawari agrees. He asks her to come to the studio the next day at 10. She agrees and cuts the call. Dadi asks Thapki why she is sitting on the floor. Thapki tells her she is just hurt in her feet and asks if she wants anything. Dadi asks her to get her hot tea. Hansika sees Purab’s mobile on the bed and she messages Sawari to come to Veena studio at 9 am. Sawari comes to the room and questions why they asked her to come soon. Hansika asks Sawari to give her credit as Guru to her in the press conference. Sawari says you’re the half wife of Purab and you’re not the owner so I won’t follow your orders and Hansika comes to her in anger. Thapki throws marble in her way. Hansika falls on the floor. Thapki says no need to fall on my feet as I won’t tell this matter to your husband. Hansika thinks to show Sawari who’s Hansika to her and she calls someone.

Employee sends Thapki to PCR room saying someone is calling her. Thapki goes to the PCR room. Hansika locks that room. Thapki shouts for help. Hansika thinks no one will listen to you as it’s a soundproof room and she leaves from that place adjusting AC temperature to low. Purab comes out and asks what’s she doing. Purab says I came to take old tracks of Veena Devi as we are planning a remix of your and Veena Devi’s song. Thapki feels happy. Purab asks how she came here. Thapki tells someone locked the room. Purab shouts for help then realizes no one can hear their voice and he searches his phone. Thapki says the network won’t come here. Purab asks how she knows. Thapki tells she guessed it. Purab tells they have to wait until someone opens the door. She sits on the floor. Her veil struck to his watch and she pulled and his watch falls on the floor. Purab recalls his moment with Thapki. Both take a watch at the same time. Purab sees her feeling the touch of Thapki. She takes back her hand. Purab thinks why Sawari is making him feel the presence of Thapki.

Episode ends.

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