Thapki Pyar Ki 2 6th October 2021 Written Update: Jaya met with an accident


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 6th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki enter to Veena records and waits for her number. Purab notices the fans lines and his manager asks how can they listen so many records in one day. Purab says they are giving their time to us so we have to listen their songs and why you make them stand in sunny weather? Arrange shed for them. Manager arranges for shed than Thapki says wish we get cold water. Purab listens her words than he asks manager to arrange cold water and refreshments. Thapki feels happy after drinking water than she asks her front person if Veena devi will listen their song. That person mocks her saying it’s singers line amd you’re making comedy like Veena devi is free for us. Thapki says seems like you’re tired so have this water. That person apologies to Thapki saying I showed my frustration on you as this is 4th time I’m coming here to give my recording. Thapki says went out your frustration by singing songs so let’s play antyakshari.

Purab asks Hansika to get her recording immediately as he needs the sample. Hansika says I sent the recording with Dad’s PA who’s Tanya who weared the blue dress as comes to dental hospital with Mom. Purab asks Manager to get the Cd from Tanya and they mistook Tapki is that girl and they takes her with him.

Sudha’s daughter tries to get information of Thapki from her Dad. Thapki goes inside the recordings and she folds her hands seeing Veena photo. Veena reaches to recordings and she asks her manager to cancel all her meetings. Manager says today is concert day and we may lose one crore if we cancel it. Veena says just cancel it as today I met with stammering person who ruined my day and her blacksight may fell on my voice so I need to set it.

Thapki feels happy seeing the achievements of Veenadevi. Manager asks her to come soon. Sudha and her daughter gets to know that Thapki went to Veena recording and Sudha says she will teach lesson to Thapki.

Purab tells to his Mom on call that she will like the voice if she hear the full song. Veena devi asks him to send it. Thapki enters his cabin. Purab asks Manager to take the cd to his Mom room. Thapki excited thinking Veena devi will listen her song and she sits in sofa. Purab feels lost after seeing her than he tells her that she can leave And She loses her balance and Purab catches her in his arms. Both losts in eachother. Thapki drags her Duppatta than Purab watch fell down. Purab asks if she knows that she spoiled her watch. Thapki asks him to take her watch. Purab says my watch costs 5lakhs and that time he gets Hansika call and he informs to her how his Dad secratary breaked his watch. Hansika says Tanya is still outside and whom you’re taking about. Purab asks Thapki whom cd she gave. Thapki tells him it’s her cd. Purab scolds Thapki for entering inside with cheating than he gets tensed thinking his Mom may close their company if she hears it and he rushes to his Mom room.

Sudha asks Thapki Mom to leave from their house. Veena devi gets frustrated hearing Stammering intro in the cd and She throws the CD at Purab saying such stammering people are inauspicious and is she the person you’re saying to compete with me and she leaves from office in her car without listening to Purab. Purab sees Thapki and he asks watchman to send Thapki from their recording. Thapki says she will teach lesson to him if they met her again. Sudha asks Thapki mother to leave from their place throwing her luggage and Veena Devi’s photo. Thapki mom runs to get Veena photo which flies and A car hits Thapki’s mother while catching photo and Thapki screams seeing the accident of her Mom and she runs to her Mom and tries to wake up her. Mamaji too feels worried for his sister than they takes her to hospital. Hospital people asks her to tell the details and Thapki stammers while telling her Mom details and they asks her to call people who can talk properly. Ram comes to reception and asks his son to fill the form. Sudha and her daughter thinks it’s expensive hospital. Thapki blames herself for her Mom condition. Ram says don’t blame yourself for others mistake. Sudha says she didn’t asked her to run behind photo. Doctor comes out and tells them that they need to operate Jaya immediately because of her internal injury so pay 50k at reception. They gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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