Thapki Pyar Ki 2 7th March 2022 Written Update: Priyanka finds out about Sagar’s affair with Preethi


Thapki Pyar Ki 2 7th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki sits on the floor. Purab’s watch gets stuck in her veil and falls down. They both pick watch at once. Their hand’s touch. She asks him to not get angry at her. Purab says it’s ok and he Apologises to her for not being able to help her. She asks him to leave it to the god. Purab shivers as room temperature is 18. He tells her that it’s good to talk to divert attention and asks if he can ask her something. She agrees. Purab says girls and Boys are equal then why you’re still following the old custom of hiding face.

Sawari tells him it’s not about the custom and it’s to make my husband feel my presence and you can understand it with heart. Purab smiles recalling something. Sawari asks if he is thinking about his wife. Purab smiles thinking about Thapki. She thinks she has to make Purab warm otherwise he gets sick, she covers him with her veil. Purab asks why she is helping him. She says your heart is good that’s why I’m helping you. Purab notices she is wearing the same Mangalsutra as Thapki and he tries to see her face but stops when his employees open the door.

Hansika scolds the employee and asks who closed the door and sends Sawari with them and she helps Purab. Later Purab thinks if Thapki is Sawari? and he thinks to find it out. The manager tells they postponed the recording as Sawari’s voice got spoiled. Purab asks them to take care of Sawari. At home, Purab notices Thapki is wearing the same mangalsutra and drinking the warm water like she is the one who locked with him. Dadi asks Priyanka to prepare ladoo. Priyanka leaves assigning it to the servant. He can’t prepare it then Thapki prepares it. Purab notices it.

Dadi sees laddos and asks who made them. Thapki tells it’s Priyanka bhabhi. Dadi asks Purab if he is not coming to Maata chowk. Purab tells her he has work. Dadi and Priyanka leave to the temple. Thapki thinks about why he is staring at her. Purab thinks she helps others but doesn’t claim it like Sawari but Sawari doesn’t stammer and he thinks to find it and calls Sawari’s number. Thapki calls Anshul and asks him to make the number busy. Purab thinks Thapki is in front of me and Sawari’s number is busy but my heart is still not trusting.

Thapki calls him as Sawari and asks if everything is fine. Purab asks her to come to their place and tells he will come to her if she can’t as she needs her sign. Sawari tells him she will come. Purab asks her to come in 30 minutes and he comes to the kitchen and notices Thapki is missing. She hides behind the fridge and thinks how to escape from this matter.

Priyanka feels bored in the Maata chowk and she notices her phone is dead then she asks Sagar to give her his phone to make a video. He denies but She takes the phone and is about to make a video then she notices he is getting calls from Babu Shona. Priyanka thinks who’s this baby Shona as my phone is switched off and she answers the call. Preeti addresses him as jaaneman then the phone gets disconnected. Priyanka notices its Preethi number and finds that they are having affair.

Purab searches for Thapki. Thapki comes to the room and tells him that she is going to parlour. Purab thinks she can be Sawari that’s why she wants to leave outside but I won’t let her leave. He goes close to her and tells her that he wants to spend alone time with her and he locks her hand to the cupboard without her knowledge.

Episode ends.

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