Thapki Pyar Ki 25th November 2021 Written Update: Hansika accepts the challenge of Veena


Thapki Pyar Ki 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki enters to Hansika room than Hansika cuts the call and wears her fake plaster than she asks why she returned to room. Thapki asks if she is waiting for her Mom. Hansika thinks she caught her thsn Thapki says I know you were missing your Mom and you Dad came here and gave these things to you and he told that he will convince your Mom soon. Hansika says Dad’s are super right. Thapki says don’t know as I don’t have Dad with me and she leaves asking Hansika to take rest. Hansika says she have to manage Veena aunty as Thapki is dumb and she goes to Meet Veena.

Thapki writes account for her Mom surgery and thinks to talk with Purab about her salary. Purab comes out of bathroom and splashes water from his head to wipe his hair. Thapki smiles recalling previous incident. Purab asks why she is smiling. Thapki says the water fell on her calculation book and made a heart by clearing the signs and She shows him. Purab asks her to make his schedule first as we have to leave to office inan hour. Thapki asks why he is so happy to attend office. Purab says revenue of company is increased, so excited and it’s happened because of you. Thapki says she wants to talk to him about the job and asks him how much Salary she will get. Purab asks her to get ready, saying they can talk about salary in office only.

Hansika comes to Veena practice room. Veena says she don’t like anyone disturb her during her practice. Hansika says you may feel bad to get Thapki as your daughter in law right as you hate Stammering people and if you didn’t swapped brides than you may not be in this situation. Veena asks her to leave from the room. Hansika shows the video to Veena where she is offering money to Hansika and how she changed the boards of bride rooms. Veena asks if she recorded it. Hansika says backup plan is needed, will you want me to show it to Purab. Veena gets shocked. Hansika says you have to stay silent in this way and don’t come in my way otherwise I will show these videos to Purab. Veena asks why she came to their place. Hansika leaves without answering her.

Mukul mocks Anjali for doing manicure without thinking about their daughter. Anjali says it’s her choice and in 2 days she will return. Mukul says you always worry for Hansika but what happened to you this time. Anjali says you keep secrets from me so give me your wallet as I want to know which secret you hide from me. Mukul leaves saying it’s waste to talk with her.

Dadi calls Purab to dining table. Purab asks where is Thapki. Dadi says she is getting breakfast. Hansika sees everything from first floor and she thinks Veena is innocent that’s why she didn’t know why I returned to this house. Thapki gets breakfast. Dadi about to eat peanut butter but Purab stops her and asks Thapki why she get peanut butter as Dadi have allergy with it. Dadi says she don’t know about my allergy and she feeds them Sandwich and asks them to end their fight. Thapki rushes to kitchen saying she have to give breakfast to Hansika. Hansika calls Purab to her room. Jaya calls Thapki and informs her that tomorrow is her surgery and Purab payed the bill. Thapki gets shocked.

Purab goes to Hansika room and she comesout in bathrobe and hugs him. Purab asks what happened. Thapki sees them. Hansika says big lizard in washroom. Purab checks it and says their is nothing. Hansika says maybe it left so please arrange pest control service to my room. Purab agrees and leaves. Thapki asks her to eat breakfast and tablets than she asks her to lock the door properly. Thapki comes down. Purab tells her Hansika is scared of Lizards. Thapki says I didn’t ask about it and thanks for arranging my Mom’s surgery. Purab says don’t worry as I will cut from your Salary and he asks her to come to office in auto as it won’t good if boss and secrets goes in same car. Thapki hires auto and asks him to take her to Veena records from short-cut.

Hansika thinks her work will be done in 3 days as Thapki didn’t claim her rights on Purab. Thapki thinks she is not feeling good with his closeness with Hansika but maybe it’s his way of dealing friends and her auto gets repaired on the way. Purab leaves showing her watch. Drives repairs the auto. Veena comes to Hansika room and says you choosed music over Purab than why you returned! Are you planning to steal him from me. Hansika says don’t think in this way as I’m sanskaari and Purab is married man. Veena asks her to stop the drama. Hansika says I came here for Purab, so. Thapki sees Purab car is break down than she asks him to come in her auto. Purab sits in auto. Hansika says don’t blame me if their relationship gets broken and I just came to take what’s mine. Veena says Purab is not belongs to her and I don’t like Thapki too but they look separated but they are near as something is binding Thapki with Purab and you don’t know Purab can do anything for Thapki. Hansika looks on. Auto stops in the way because of traffic. Purab thinks how to reach office on time and he gives money to kinnar and she blesses them to have beautiful kids like them. Veena says Hansika, you can’t separate Thapki and Purab. Hansika says challange is accepted so let’s just wait and watch.

Episode ends.