Thapki Pyar Ki 28th March 2022 Written Update: Sudha joins hands with Anjali


Thapki Pyar Ki 28th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anjali threatening Thapki that she will sell pieces of Veena records and throw out Singhania’s from their house and if I didn’t do it then I’m not the mother of Hansika. Thapki says you have to face me to do it and I won’t let anything happen to my family and I will tell Purab about everything.

Anjali say inform him that I will bring his family on the roads if he didn’t release Hansika from jail. Thapki asks what kind of Mom you’re? Your daughter attempted to murder us. Anjali says she didn’t come to hear her Gyaan and take this deal otherwise no one can save Singhania’s. Priyanka and Preeti fight with eachother. Vinod stops and questions why they are fighting. Veena asks Priyanka to return to her room and asks Preeti to leave her house. Sagar asks Preeti to leave. Priyanka tells this is my house and leave from here.

Preeti gets angry and she tells them that it’s going to be her house and she holds Sagar’s hand and asks him to tell truth to everyone that he doesn’t love Priyanka and asks him to tell everyone about their love and affair. Veena asks Sagar if it’s true? Preeti asks him to not be scared of the blackmailer and tells him that they can marry each other by revealing the truth. Sagar goes to Priyanka and tells everyone that Preeti is lying. Preeti opens her mobile to prove him wrong but she gets noticing chats are deleted.

Sagar thinks he has already destroyed proof and he blames Preeti in front of family members. Sapna slaps Preeti and warns her to leave from their house. Priyanka thinks Preeti got her lesson and now it’s time for Sagar. Sapna sees Priyanka is smiling and thinks how can Priyanka stay cool after this incident ad she suspects if she knows everything from before and she thinks to find out whether the blackmailer is Priyanka.

Thapki comes to meet Purab. He says Jaya mom may not like you to meet me. Thapki closes his mouth and asks why he didn’t tell her about notice. Purab asks who told her. Thapki says Dadi informed her. Purab says I don’t want Jaya aunty to feel we are using you. Thapki says Mom is angry that’s why we are meeting out but your problems are mine and this is what I told to Anjali aunty too.

Purab asks if she went to police station. Thapki says no and tells him about Anjali’s demand and reveals to him that opposite company owner is none other than Anjali. Purab says he won’t leave her. Thapki says they can get money if they release 2 albums in these 10 days. Purab asks if she can do it. Thapki tells she can and asks him to take care of editing and other things. He agrees.

Sudha takes money from Anjali and assures her that Thapki won’t come in their way to get Veena records. Anjali tells she will get more money if she did work. Sudha feels happy and agrees to implement her plan. Anjali leaves. Sudha shares her plan with Preeti. Preeti denies supporting her and leaves to her room. Preeti thinks Sagar may accept me if the blackmailer issue gets settled and she messages to Blackmailer. Priyanka reads the message and gets angry seeing Preethi still wants to replace her. Then she messages Preeti that she won’t leave them. Sapna notices Priyanka moves and thinks to her red handed.

Thapki returns home. Jaya asks where she went. Thapki tells her she went to meet Purab. Jaya says I know what happened as Ashok informed me and she warns Thapki to stay away from Singhania’s family saying they deserve punishment for hurting her. Thapki says they are my family too and Veena records are my Guru’s place and my husband’s hardwork.

Jaya says they never consider you as their family so I won’t let you help them. Thapki says she will go against her to help them as it’s her Dharm to save Veenaa records and tells her that she will go to sing for them in the next day to arrange money and asks her to bless her. Sudha hears everything and thinks she will see how it happens. Thapki starts her rehearsals but she gets cough. She thinks to prepare Kadha. Purab comes there with Kadha and tells her that he is there to support her with a lovely pat. Thapki smiles.

Episode ends.

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